carp caviar recipe how to make

Recipe Carp caviar salad


  • * 100 g of carp caviar
  • * 300 ml oil
  • * lemon juice
  • * salt
  • * onion

Carp caviar salad – a great idea for holiday appetizers

Preparation Carp caviar salad:

Fresh eggs are passed through a sieve to remove the skins. Add a little salt and keep cold for a few hours.

Mix with the mixer pouring a little oil, the amount gradually increasing. From time to time add a little mineral water and lemon juice. At the end, put the finely chopped onion and mix well.

  • If it happens that the caviar is cut, it can be repaired by mixing a tablespoon of unprepared caviar with a little of the cut caviar.
  • They can be straightened with 50 g of very hard boiled semolina and cooled well. Put the semolina in a bowl and mix with a little of the cut caviar.

After they have been prepared, the caviar is left to rest for half an hour, after which it is mixed again, adding as little mineral water as possible.

carp caviar recipe how to make

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