cheese wreath salty desserts

cheese wreath salty desserts
cheese wreath salty desserts

* For the dough:

* 1 or
* 100 g sour cream
* 100 ml water
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 400 g flour

I also used this type of dough for Cheese Pies . Then I used another type of flour and only 350 g, now 400 have come in. It would be preferable to put the flour gradually and see if you still need it or not, depending on how the dough "demands" it.

From the egg, sour cream, water, salt and flour, knead a homogeneous dough, a little sticky. Let it rest on the table for a while. Divide into 2 parts, then sprinkle with flour, spread each piece into a thin sheet, which no longer sticks to the table.

Grease with plenty of butter, then roll tightly. The rolls thus obtained are rolled in a spiral, placed on a plate and refrigerated for at least half an hour.

cheese wreath salty desserts

* For the filling:

* 500 g cheese
* 2 eggs
* 100 g sugar
* vanilla essence

The cottage cheese is mixed with sugar, vanilla essence and eggs. Homogenize and divide into 2.

* Furthermore:

* ~ 60 g soft butter to grease the dough
* 50 g sour cream to grease the roll

Remove the 2 rolls from the fridge and spread them with a rolling pin on the lightly floured table, in a thin sheet. Grease with cream cheese and roll tightly.

In a tray lined with baking paper we put the 2 rolls around, forming a larger spiral. Grease with sour cream and put in the oven over medium heat until golden brown.

Leave to cool in the pan, then take out on a plate. Powder with sugar and portion.

You can make a single roll, without dividing the dough into 2. It seemed a bit difficult to handle, so I preferred the lighter version. 🙂

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