cherry and cherry compote with canned

I know it's too late to come up with the cherry and cherry compote recipe right now. Housewives now make plum compote or other autumn fruits, not cherries. :))

I forgot… I forgot this recipe. I remembered the other day, when I made some cherries muffins , absolutely delicious.

cherry and cherry compote with canned

Preparation Cherry and cherry compote:

The quantities depend on how many jars (800 g) of compote you want to make. Each jar is filled 3/4 full with cherries and cherries. I made cherries, cherries and blends. 🙂

Add 3 tablespoons of sugar to each jar and fill with water. Staple well and wrap in newspaper. It is then placed in a large saucepan, on the bottom of which I put a folded towel. Add water to the pan, about 3/4 of the height of the jar and put on low heat. Boil for about 1 hour. The juice from the compote will color nicely, and the sugar on the bottom of the jar will melt.

Remove the jars from the water, wipe and cover with a blanket, where it is left to cool.

From what I understand, this compote preparation technique can be applied to other fruits. I think I'll try grapes. 😉

cherry and cherry compote with canned

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