chocolate ice cream with walnuts

What do you say? Are we pampering ourselves with a chocolate and walnut ice cream ? It's too hot and the ice cream is too good for you to refuse me. :)))

I wish you all a cool and quiet weekend.

chocolate ice cream with walnuts


  • For walnut paste:
  • 150 g ground walnuts
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • For ice cream:
  • 2 yolks
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 100 ml of milk
  • 200 g dark chocolate
  • 250 ml whipped cream
  • In addition, we will need:
  • 1 wafer sheet
  • 3 tablespoons strawberry jam

Preparation Ice cream with chocolate and walnut:

Walnut paste:

We put the ground walnut on the robot and mix it until it starts to bind. Add the oil and mix again until it becomes like a fine paste.

Chocolate icecream:

The yolks are mixed with the sugar until they become like a cream, double in volume and light in color. Mixing lightly, add the hot milk and mix well. Put the pot on low heat and stir continuously until it starts to thicken, the composition becomes like a ciulama. Add the broken chocolate pieces and mix well. Let cool then incorporate the walnut paste.

Cream for cold cream from the fridge, mix lightly. It does not necessarily have to harden, just become slightly fluffy. Lightly incorporate it into the chocolate cream.

For the next stage we will sacrifice 1 0.5 liter PET. Cut the top of the bottle with scissors, then fill it with composition.

  • The composition is enough for 2 bottles, but I left a part for the dwarves, to give them in cones. That's their preference. 🙂

Put in the freezer for a few hours, until it freezes well.

  • You can use any other jam or jam you like.
  • The jam with whole fruits, I passed it first with the vertical mixer.

We put the jam in a saucepan and heat it so that it becomes liquid. So hot, we spread it over the wafer sheet. Let it cool a bit, during which time we will cut the PET and remove the ice cream. We put it on the wafer sheet and roll it.

Put back in the freezer until ready to serve. Sprinkle with a little melted chocolate and portion as desired.


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