Classic fryer versus Airfryer – best choice for a modern kitchen

The trend in terms of fryers is currently tilting in favor of those with hot air. Known as healthier and more dietary, even the biggest brands and manufacturers of kitchen appliances are rushing to embrace this trend. But why were classic fryers left in the background? And where does this sudden success for oil-free fryers come from? If you are also intrigued by these questions, find out the answers in this article.

Classic fryers are certainly multifunctional, economical and practical, but they are less tolerant of your health. On the other hand, guests and loved ones will be delighted if your home does not smell of fried food. Therefore, if you have an airfryer you will be able to eat delicious but healthy dishes, you save time in the kitchen and, especially, you pay attention to health and fitness.

Operating principle

The main difference between the two types of devices is not necessarily in the idea of cooking, but in the way it is made.

Classic fryers need a large amount of oil, between 250 ml and 1 l, because it will heat up to cook food. Thus, you need to heat the oil well and then add the food, making sure that it is completely submerged, to be sure that it will be prepared equally on all sides.

Air fryers have three components: the heating element, the cooking vessel with lid and the fans that circulate the hot air. To fry the food, the air in the bowl will be overheated and blown over the food. While this cooking technology does not generally require oil, a few drops can be added for browning and to avoid sticking to the container.

Classic fryer versus Airfryer – best choice for a modern kitchen


No matter what you may assume, the way you cook food affects your health almost as much as the food itself.

From this perspective, air fryers are clear winners, simply because they will cook with up to 80% less fat compared to classic devices. This means that you will not get too many extra calories in your food.

As an example, a serving of french fries will contain less than 200 calories, which is almost less than half of the 471 calories you get from a serving of french fries in a classic fryer. About the same ratio is recorded for a portion of fried chicken (1830 compared to 3038 calories) or fish & chips (600, respectively 1087 calories) .


As the name suggests, a classic fryer will be commonly used to fry food and, apart from frying, you will hardly be able to use it for anything else, given the principle of operation, without additional features.

At the same time, an airfryer is a multifunctional appliance, because you can use it for other cooking styles. The design of this appliance and its functions allow you to use it for baking, grilling or frying. Some modern models of air fryers will also have additional features that allow you to steam and use some other cooking methods.

Preparation time

When it comes to cooking time, the classic fryer comes first, because once the oil is hot enough it will only take a few minutes to perfectly fry the food.

When you cook a standard size portion of french fries and other snacks, with a classic fryer it will only take between 3 and 5 minutes. With Airfryer, you should wait somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes for the same portion of food to be cooked.

Besides the fact that you cook much faster, a classic fryer will also have a relatively higher food capacity than one with air, which means that you can eat more in less time.

The taste

As with cooking time, there is almost no other way to beat the classic fryer when it comes to food taste, and this should explain why fast food is so popular around the globe.

Classic fryer versus Airfryer – best choice for a modern kitchen

With the help of an air fryer, you can get a crispy crust if you use oil on the food before cooking, but it will not be the same. Also, an airfryer can make delicious food for those who like more diet food.


There is no device that is completely safe. If it involves electricity or heat, you will always be exposed to significant danger. However, air fryers are generally safer than classic ones. These hot air fryers will cook on their own, without you having to sit next to them, as they usually have a timer and are also completely covered when they work, which makes them safer.

Classic fryers should remain open for cooking, leaving users exposed to hot oil. And because they cook so fast, you have to be there to get the food out and make sure it doesn't burn. There is also a risk that hot air and oil that evaporates from the fryer due to the high heat will hurt you.


Cleaning is much easier when using an Airfryer, regardless of size. And this is because, in the case of most air fryers, you just need to empty any traces of oil and then put the individual parts in the dishwasher, if they are safe for the dishwasher, or wash them in the sink. .

With classic fryers, things are a bit more complicated. First of all, you have to wait for all that oil to cool down before you can do anything, because hot oil is extremely dangerous.

Once the oil is cold enough, you can throw it away, a process that can be quite tiring, especially if the container is not designed to be detached for cleaning.


How much you pay for either of the two categories of fryers will depend on factors such as the size and brand you buy from, but the initial cost of purchasing an air fryer tends to be higher.

Classic fryer versus Airfryer – best choice for a modern kitchen

Although you can still get an air fryer with less than 300 lei, good models are between 500 and 1500 lei. With a classic fryer, on the other hand, the typical prices will vary from 150 to 1000 lei.

But keep in mind that while the air fryer may be expensive to buy, it will be cheaper to use it in the long run than a classic fryer, as you won't have to spend a lot of money on oil.


For those who are looking for a healthier frying method and want a safer appliance that can cook in different ways, an Airfryer is perfect. However, if you want crispy food with excellent taste and a device that cooks super fast, you can opt for a classic fryer.

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