coffee cake banana bread a latte food

coffee cake banana bread a latte food


  • Wheat:
  • * 4 eggs
  • * 200 g yogurt
  • * 150 g sugar
  • * 50 g butter
  • * 3 tablespoons cocoa
  • * free of rum
  • * 200 g flour
  • * 1 baking powder
  • Cream:
  • * 200 g butter
  • * 2 tablespoons ness
  • * 100 g sugar
  • * vanilla essence
  • * For decoration:
  • * whipped cream
  • * cocoa candies

Preparation Coffee cake:


Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt until they double in volume. Add the sugar and mix until they become like a cream. Then add in turn the melted butter, yogurt and flour mixed with baking powder and cocoa, mixing well after each.

The composition is placed in a tray (20/20 cm) lined with baking paper and baked over medium heat for about half an hour.


Melt the butter over low heat or in the microwave. It will not melt at all, leaving unmelted pieces. It then mixes until it hardens again and becomes fluffy. Add the sugar (powder, preferably) and mix until it melts. Dissolve the ness in a little warm water and incorporate it into the butter cream together with the vanilla essence. Let cool until baked and cool the top.

The cooled top is cut into 3. The cream is divided into 2 and distributed between the tops. Let cool for 1-2 hours, then portion and garnish with whipped cream and cocoa candy.

coffee cake banana bread a latte food

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