coffee made at the kettle recipe and it’s secrets

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Lunga or restretto, macchiato or seasoned with honey and ginger as in Ethiopia, where the coffee tree originates, can be prepared and tasted in many ways. But many people prefer, of all the methods of making coffee, the kettle. We present you some recipes through which you can get a delicious liqueur like this.

Early in the morning, at noon or even after dinner, the flavor of coffee, especially freshly ground coffee, can be downright irresistible. Whether it is strained, filtered, scalded, boiled, Turkish or Greek, it will fill your heart with delight. Discover with us the secrets of kettle coffee and learn to prepare memorable varieties.

Strained coffee

You need coffee, water, kettle, cups, a small strainer and a spoon or measure for coffee. Bring water to a boil over medium or high heat using a kettle. Use a unit of measure for ground coffee. Add enough doses to get the desired number of cups (you should basically use about one or two tablespoons of coffee to a large cup (250 ml) of water).

Pour hot water directly on the ground coffee from your container (no filter is required for this method). Let the mixture infuse for three minutes, then mix well and leave for another three minutes.

Strain the coffee when you pour the coffee into the cup. Place a small strainer on top of the container, pour the liquid through it and repeat the procedure if you need to fill several cups.

coffee made at the kettle recipe and it’s secrets

Brewed coffee

As ingredients, prepare coffee, water, a kettle and a spoon. Combine ground coffee and water in a small kettle. Mix a little to obtain the homogenization of the granules in water. Use about one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for 250 ml of water, preferably filtered, added.

Put the kettle on the stove and stir from time to time until it starts to heat up. Boil for two minutes without covering the kettle, before removing it from the heat. Pour the coffee into the cup. If you do this operation slowly and carefully, the zato should remain on the bottom of the kettle.

Filtered coffee

Cover a container with a paper filter. Put 1 or 2 tablespoons of ground coffee in the filter. Boil water in a kettle. Slowly pour boiling water over the ground coffee from the filter that is installed on the container (this will allow a better impregnation of the water. You will get a coffee as good as that made with an electric or Italian coffee machine).

Depending on the taste, add a note of milk for a latte, pour a few ice cubes for ice coffee or drink the coffee as it is.

Turkish coffee

Put water at room temperature in a kettle or tub , the traditional vessel for preparing liqueur.

Pour the finely ground coffee into the water, as well as the sugar, if you want sweetened coffee (never add sugar after the preparation is finished, because Turkish coffee has foam on top and soaked on the bottom, so you won't be able to mix it) favorite spices, if you have something like that (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, etc.). No need to mix the ingredients, the water at room temperature dissolves them.

Light the fire and place the kettle on the eyes. A flame fire is recommended, rather than electric or induction hobs, because their heat is harder to control. Allow the preparation to warm. The coffee should settle to the bottom in about a minute, then you can reduce the flame. Fire control is important.

coffee made at the kettle recipe and it’s secrets

Mix with a spoon, preferably made of wood, to obtain a homogeneous drink. After this first mixing, leave the spoon aside. With cold water and low heat, the process will be longer, but you will be able to extract more flavor. The biggest secret of Turkish coffee is patience.

The coffee should start to generate foam on the edges. It is time to reduce the flame to a minimum, without letting the water reach the boiling point. The liqueur will create more foam, take it off the heat before boiling and leave it for 15 seconds. Collect the foam with a teaspoon and put it in the cup (if there are several cups, all guests must receive an equal amount of caimac).

Put the copper kettle for the Turkish coffee back on the fire. Let it heat up again until the second foam rises, still without boiling the liquid. At this point, you can remove the coffee from the heat and pour it into the cup while trying to keep as much cream on top. Then, wait about 30 seconds for the "magic potion" to settle and the deer to settle.

Greek coffee

If you are wondering how to make kettle coffee to get a delicious Greek coffee, the main ingredients you need are ground coffee and sugar, for whoever wants it. This aromatic drink is prepared in bricks , which is a kind of pan in the form of a jug (kettle, in short).

For starters, you need to pour the water into the bowl, depending on the number of cups you want to get. Then add a teaspoon of ground coffee and a teaspoon of sugar for each cup. After that, the combination is brought to a boil until the foam is ready to pour (set on fire). Then the kettle is removed from the heat and the same process is repeated a second time. You can then serve, taking care not to drink the juice that settles on the bottom of the cup.

coffee made at the kettle recipe and it’s secrets

Instant or roasted coffee

This drink is one of the most famous recipes in the world. You should have a coarsely ground coffee, water, sugar (according to taste) and, last but not least, the right container: a classic kettle or an electric kettle .

Pour water into the kettle and bring to a boil. Once the bubbles begin to rise, ie after reaching the boiling point, the ground coffee must be poured into water and mixed. Let it sit for a few minutes, depending on the intensity you want to give the coffee, between 5 and 10 minutes.

When served, you will smell a strong roasted coffee. The longer you let the coffee stay in boiling water, the more concentrated its aroma will be. The experience is very different from drinking coffee made in a filter or espresso machine. In addition, freshly ground coffee better preserves the aroma of the beans.

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