Cook with your loved ones spring delicacies and you can win a basket of goodies!

Cook with your loved ones spring delicacies and you can win a basket of goodies!

With the new season, we feel the need to eat fresh dishes, full of vitamins and color. We are looking for seasonal ingredients, fresh and aromatic, but also for unique recipes that will make them stand out.

And, as the day gets longer, we have the opportunity to chain precious moments in the family, which mark the beginning of a happy time of year, preparing and enjoying homemade goodies with loved ones.

This spring, Grandma's Shelf urges us to spend more time in the kitchen, preparing colorful and fragrant delicacies, in tune with the weather outside, appealing to the treasures of the markets – spinach, leurd, stevia, nettles, onions and fresh green garlic, fragrant strawberries and many other ingredients full of the charm of a new beginning.

For cooking inspiration, he also prepared an eBook with fresh seasonal recipes, a precious collection of culinary secrets, which urges us to prepare delicious goodies.
Thus, all we need is a quality flour, fine and fluffy, without added additives or improvers. A flour to rely on for fine and airy dough – the ideal base for selected dishes, prepared with a lot of love, such as Grandma's shelf flour.
You can find it on the shelf in the big chains of hypermarkets and supermarkets, and if you buy it and register the tax receipt on the campaign website until May 31, you can download the free eBook with recipes "Cooking together" and enter the race to win on June 3, by drawing lots, one of the 100 baskets with goodies at stake.

Of course, you can test Grandma's shelf flour as soon as possible, for the stars of the Easter table, cakes and Easter, not missing from the table around which the whole family will go. If it met your expectations, recommend this brand on your grandmother's shelf Facebook page . Thus, your experience can be useful for other lovers of the culinary art, who can decide more easily in terms of buying this essential product in the kitchen.

So, for the special spring days, we need fresh ingredients, a quality flour and inspiration in the kitchen. And when the whole experience of cooking with your loved ones, taking advantage of the generosity of this wonderful season can be crowned with a special prize, all we have to do is get to work.

Spor prepared homemade goodies and good luck in the contest !

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