CULINARY CONTEST: Tasty meals for the winter holidays

The holidays come and with them, thoughts and inspiration fly us to the holiday specialties, those that remind us of childhood, family, tradition, the beautiful atmosphere that enters our homes these days, which we will cherish for the rest of next year.

Recipes for tasty meals for the winter holidays will definitely be the stars of the year.
Therefore, we kindly invite you to enter in the contest the best recipes that you prepare in this special period of the year.
Let's end the year 2019 and start 2020 with a parade of the best and tastiest recipes!


Register between December 19, 2019 – January 19, 2020 on our website at least 2 recipes for holidays and festive meals.
There can be recipes for meat dishes specific to the winter holidays, cakes or appetizers and anything you put on your family's tables at this time of year.
To participate in the contest, when uploading recipes, select the category "Christmas Recipes".


*** The participants who register the most appreciated recipes, will be awarded with wonderful prizes for the kitchen:

Prize 1 

CULINARY CONTEST: Tasty meals for the winter <span>holidays</span>

2nd Prize – Sandwich-Maker Panini Breville

CULINARY CONTEST: Tasty meals for the winter <span>holidays</span>
Prize 3 –   Oval ceramic tray Emile Henry
CULINARY CONTEST: Tasty meals for the winter <span>holidays</span>

*** To participate in the contest, when uploading the recipe on the site, select the "Christmas Recipes" category .

How do you upload recipes to the site to participate in the contest?

In order to upload the participating recipes to the site, it is necessary to have an account on the site and to follow these steps:

1. Log in to your user account
2. Access the "Your Profile" link
3. Click the "Add recipe" button
4. Fill in the form and upload the photos (Browse)
5. Check and post the recipe

The designation of the winners will be made by judging by the team. The judging criteria will be: compliance with the theme, the appearance of the final preparation, the combination of ingredients, the complexity of the preparation.

Only recipes accompanied by photos participate in the contest. Recipes whose content and / or photos are copied without copyright will be disqualified.

The winners will be announced on January 22, 2020 .

Good luck!

The Tasty team
*************************************************** ***********************************


Dear members of, we congratulate you and thank you all for participating. The recipes you entered in this contest were as beautiful visually as they were appetizing and full of color and taste.
The jury delighted its eyes with these goodies, reason for which its mission was a difficult one, and as a result of the judging criteria that made the tie, it managed to choose the 3 winners.
In your applause, we present below the 3 winners and the chosen recipes:
PRIZE 1 – andraconstantinescu

Cake with yogurt and tropical fruits

CULINARY CONTEST: Tasty meals for the winter <span>holidays</span>

2ND PRIZE – Anca E. Voicu


CULINARY CONTEST: Tasty meals for the winter <span>holidays</span>

PRIZE 3 – Simona_Georgescu

Veal cutlet with pea puree

CULINARY CONTEST: Tasty meals for the winter <span>holidays</span>

Congratulations, dear tasty members, thank you all for participating and for the wonderful recipes you have registered!
Stay with for recipes, useful articles and contests with wonderful prizes!
Until next time, we wish you all the best!

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