Discover the new range for smart cooking: the innovative oven and induction hob

Discover the new range for smart cooking: the innovative oven and induction hob
In addition to contemporary design, minimalist furniture and neutral colors, modern kitchens also need high-performance appliances for the art of cooking to take place in the best conditions.
With the arrangement of the new kitchen, we advise you to choose carefully the pieces that will help you create your favorite dishes and that will complete the design of the kitchen.
Because we have a dynamic lifestyle and proper nutrition is very important, Whirlpool welcomes you with an innovative solution: the set of appliances from the W collection consisting of the new smart oven and induction hob.
Through the innovative technology of the 6th sense, the cooking becomes much more pleasant and is done in a professional way. The oven determines the temperature and time needed to prepare meat, fish and vegetables by monitoring the energy absorbed by them. The temperature is constantly adjusted immediately after opening the oven door. The electronic display allows monitoring the food preparation process, so there is no need to periodically check the degree of its preparation.
The oven and induction hob are built-in, so you no longer have to worry about space in the case of a small kitchen.
In terms of cleanliness, innovative technology simplifies this process to the maximum. Glossy finishes repel fingerprints and stains, and residues inside the oven are burned at a temperature of about 500 ℃ by operating the pyrolytic cleaning program. This way you will enjoy an impeccable kitchen every day.
Because the details are what we love, Whirlpool has opted for special hinges that ensure a slow and silent closing of the oven door.
In addition, you no longer have to worry about hot trays that can cause accidents. The telescopic units on different levels ensure the easy removal of the baking trays from the oven, but also the possibility to cook several types of food at the same time.
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