Dulce de leche -recipe of product you can buy from lidl

Dulce de leche -recipe of product you can buy from lidl

I was telling you recently that I found condensed milk to buy. It is so good and so many desserts and cakes can be made with it… The condensed milk I am telling you about is not the condensed milk that is found in our stores and is used for coffee. It is a thick milk, like sour cream, with an intense milk taste and very sweet.

Dulce de leche -recipe of product you can buy from lidl

I don't know why this milk is not sold in our country, in other places it is very popular. I buy it from the Republic of Moldova, in Iasi I understood that it would be found from time to time in Alexandru Square, at the Moldovans who come there with various for sale. In Bucharest, Natalia will explain where you can find it, here .
What I will present to you today is not really a recipe, but a method to get sweet milk at home, an absolutely delicious cream that is almost self-made.

This dulce de leche is very close to caramel, in terms of flavor and texture, but much better in taste. Taste cannot be described in words, you must taste to understand what I say. :))

Dulce de leche -recipe of product you can buy from lidl


  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk

Method of preparation:

There are several methods to obtain this sweet milk: boiling on low heat, stirring constantly, boiling the unopened box in a water bath for 2 hours or the method of David Lebovitz presented by Florinhere . I will also try the method presented by Florin, but now I have opted for boiling in a water bath. The first method is too difficult for me. :))))

Unopened condensed milk can be placed in a higher pan and covered with water. The water should be well above the box. Throughout the boiling the box must be covered with water, if the water drops too much it is completed with another one, otherwise there is the danger of explosion.

After 2 hours of cooking (if the time is out there is no bath) put the pan aside from the heat and leave until completely cooled.

We will get this wonderful sweet milk.

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