Electrolux EHH6240ISK review in 2021


Benefits of Electrolux EHH6240ISK:

Induction hob model, with low consumption and fast heating.

The design includes four heating zones, with a total power of 6.6kW.

It allows the power setting to 10 intensity levels and is provided with Booster function.

It is equipped with a residual heat sensor and a button lock function.



According to people who have already purchased and installed this product, the model includes a power cord, but not a plug, which must be purchased separately and mounted. It’s also a timer-free version, so you’ll have to be careful how long you leave the food on the burner.



Electrolux EHH6240ISK is a variant of induction electric hob, which means that the surface does not heat up, but only creates an electromagnetic field, which directly heats the bottom of the dishes placed on the burners. It will therefore have lower heat loss, the surface is kept relatively cold, which makes it very easy to clean, because the residues are no longer burned at high temperatures.

Electrolux EHH6240ISK review in 2021

This system also ensures a much faster heating, customers who have already tested the product indicating a time of 20-30 seconds to bring 1 liter of water to a boil. It is therefore a very good option for those who work hard, but do not want to give up home-made food and need a fast and efficient cooking device.

The design is one with four burners, which together generate 6.6kW. The smallest of them allows you to use between 1.2 and 1.8kW for morning coffee, to make tea or heat small amounts of food. The average versions have 1.8kW, and the big eye reaches up to 2.8kW, necessary for foods that involve long cooking, over high heat.

In terms of control options, this hob model offers you the opportunity to manage the power provided on 10 levels of intensity, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption of electricity and allowing careful compliance with recipes. It is also equipped with a Booster function, which speeds up the heating, helping you save time when you are in a hurry.

Although the surface of the hob does not heat directly, as a result of the operating system, when the vessels positioned on the burners begin to heat up, some of the heat is transmitted to its material. This is how, on a cold hob, as a principle of operation, you still end up with warm areas.

For this reason, the Electrolux EHH6240ISK is equipped with a residual heat sensor, designed to provide optimal operational safety for both adults and children. The safety functions also include a button locking system, which prevents the little ones from accidentally activating or playing the hob.


Conclusion after Electrolux EHH6240ISK review:

If you are among those looking for an induction hob (here is a comparative list) to ensure efficiency and comfort in the kitchen, this Electrolux model brings into question promising technical features, modern design, with built-in format in furniture, precision in temperature control and a very easy to clean surface.



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