Electrolux EKF7800 coffee maker review

Benefits of Electrolux EKF7800 machine :

The model includes a water filter for better taste.

You can select the intensity of the coffee.

The water tank is detachable for easy refilling.

It belongs to the category of programmable options.

Allows coffee to stay warm.

It has an above average capacity of 1.6 liters, for up to 15 cups.



After a careful evaluation of the design and functions, you will realize, without checking the price, that it is a model ofdigital coffee maker , available at slightly higher than average costs. The stainless steel exterior has a modern and elegant look, but it is more sensitive to fingerprints and splashes than plastic alternatives, requiring periodic wiping.



The Electrolux EKF7800 is one of the versions with an additional filter, designed to capture chlorine and impurities from tap water. The result is a coffee with a better taste, especially in areas with hard water.

Among the available functions, easy to control from the panel with digital display and mechanical buttons, there is also Aroma. This option allows you to manage the intensity of the coffee obtained, so that you can consume a stronger version in the morning, or when you know you have a lot of work, and a more delicate formula, when you work later, in the evening, to prevent insomnia.

Electrolux EKF7800 coffee maker review

If you are one of those who find it inconvenient to refill the tank with a cup or carafe, you will surely be delighted that this Philips version allows it to be detached. You can thus easily load the tank directly from the tap, in a single movement, fixing it back easily and quickly.

Includes timer with starter scheduling option, which means you can set it to make your coffee early in the morning, just before the clock strikes. For those who are not satisfied with a single cup and feel the need to consume coffee throughout the day, this model of coffee maker ensures keeping the liquid warm for several hours. In addition, you can even choose if you want to drink a coffee later only slightly warm or hot, the device allowing the selection of the heating temperature.

Among the advantages provided is the rather large preparation capacity of 1.6 liters, which is above the average for products of this type. This volume of liquid makes it possible to serve a single round of coffee, up to 15 servings, if we are talking about 100ml cups, or 7-8 cups of 200ml.

It is therefore a recommended version for homes where a lot of coffee is consumed and for offices, being able to easily cover the needs of several people. Its walls are transparent, so you can directly track the amount of water already accumulated inside, and provided with gradations, to load exactly how much liquid you need for the number of servings needed at that time.

Conclusion about Electrolux EKF7800 coffee maker :

We recommend this coffee maker, if you want to buy a quality model, with elegant design and modern look, equipped with additional functions dedicated to your comfort. It is optimal for locations where there are more coffee consumers, ensuring both a larger number of servings than most alternatives, and keeping the liquid warm for longer.


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