food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

Food Vacuum Cleaners – Review and comparison in 2021


Did you find out on the net or from friends about the efficiency of vacuum cleaners and do you want to try one too? They are not very complicated devices, but to invest in a model suitable for your lifestyle, it is good to consider some basic criteria, detailed in this article. If you are tired of reading and want to go straight to action, try one of the products that managed to enter our top.Foodsaver FFS005X-01 is a version for household use, with external vacuum, dry and wet, with integrated support for roller, cutter and 3 speeds. For those who prefer to work faster, saving 50% of the time by automatically gluing the next bag, when passing the cutter, the FoodSaver FFS006X-01 version may be more suitable.


Comparative table

Easy-to-use household model that allows you to vacuum both dry and wet foods with three easy-to-manage oxygen extraction speeds. Works with roll and provides cutter and sealing function without vacuum, thus allowing custom sizing of bags, better organization in the refrigerator and economy when purchasing consumables.

The rollers for the device cost quite a lot, if you use the device frequently and do not manage the material carefully.

Suitable option for more efficient storage of dry and wet products, with external vacuum, for household use.

The variant provided with a dry and wet vacuum system, with automatic transition between the two working variants and the Pulse mode, for fragile products. It sticks to the end of the next bag when passing the cutter, thus reducing the working time by half, it includes a window that helps you to section the material more precisely and it is provided with a port for bottles, pots and reusable bags.

The price is slightly higher than other similar variants, for home use, due to the additional functions added.

Model for household use, with roller holder, cutter and the possibility of use with additional accessories.

Device from the category of professional options, which allows vacuuming for foods with a larger amount of water. It offers two air extraction speeds and Pulse function, for fragile products, and you can use it both with a roller and with pans or bottles with an adapted lid, being provided with an additional port for these containers.

The high-performance technical characteristics of the product mean a slightly higher price than some alternative models on the market.

Professional solution, suitable for those who want to be able to store a variety of foods as efficiently as possible.

In-depth reviews about the best food vacuum cleaners

Are you confused between the many variants of devices designed for vacuuming food and you do not know exactly what to choose? Check out the few models below, selected based on the appreciations of the people who already use them.

Foodsaver FFS005X-01

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

If you have decided that what you need is a portable model, for home use, with a clamp, designed to work especially with solid preparations, we propose as a solution this vacuum cleaner that can be used with bags up to 28cm wide. Vacuum both dry and wet products, using a power of 140W, which you can manage on 3 speeds, depending on the nature of the food.

It is made of stainless steel and includes space for storing the roll, plus a cutter for easy cutting after gluing. In order to manage the oxygen extraction rhythm as accurately as possible, for fragile products you can use the Pulse function, included in the device menu, easy to control from the mechanical panel.

Because it works with the roller and includes a separate sealing function, you have the possibility to size each bag according to the content, thus saving on consumables, which involves a substantial cost, if you use the device often.



GourmetVAC CASE 180

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

For those who use the vacuum cleaner more for meat, cheese and in general, less fragile foods, we recommend as an option CASO GourmetVAC 180 with a single working speed, 9 liters / minute, and automatic process management.

It is a version with clamp, for residential use, which can be used both for storing dry dishes and for wet foods, providing a gluing bar with a length of 30cm, average in this category of products. It includes a detachable vacuum chamber, which you can easily clean, and works with double welding, to better maintain the vacuum created.

In addition, it is delivered with a set of 10 bags, with dimensions of 20 x 30cm, which allow you to test the product even upon delivery, without the need to make other purchases. It electronically monitors the soldering temperature and is equipped with a cutter for cutting.



Tefal VacuPack Plus VT256070

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

Do you cook in a small kitchen and wonder where it could take place for such an appliance? You can opt for a version such as Tefal VacuPack Plus VT256070 which includes integrated cable and roller support, and allows vertical storage to save space.

You can use it to drain both dry products (spices, greens, etc.) and wet products (vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.). It does not allow the control of the vacuum speed, this being managed automatically, but you have at your disposal a Pulse function, which involves the manual management of oxygen extraction and is suitable for fragile preparations. Works with roller, for which it includes support, cutter and sealing function without vacuum, as well as with individual bags for devices with clamp.

It is delivered together with two rollers of different sizes, one 22cm wide and the other 28cm long, both 3m long, which you can use to quickly learn how to operate.



Foodsaver food vacuuming device:

FoodSaver FFS006X-01

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

Do you do better with automatic devices, which do almost everything on their own? Then we recommend this Foodsaver, food vacuum, which directly manages the speed of oxygen extraction, taking into account the degree of humidity inside the bag and automatically switching between the dry and wet module. It includes a marinating function, which helps you to taste the dishes in just a few minutes, stimulating the absorption of flavors in the texture of the meat, and prevents leaks by automatically detecting liquids.

It works with individual rollers or bags, and the plastic cutting system reduces your working time by half, because at the same time it seals the next bag defined in the roller. In addition, it includes a window that allows you to view the cutting line, to section as accurately as possible and save material.

If you are used to packing pastries or other more fragile dishes, we recommend that you use the Pulse function, which allows manual management of the vacuum rhythm, so as not to crush food. It is provided with a special port for use with pans, bottles or valve bags.



FoodSaver FFS017X-01

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

People who frequently use storage pans will certainly look for a model with high adaptability, with a port that allows them to be emptied, as well as reusable bottles or bags. One such version is the FoodSaver FFS017X-01 which includes a 28cm soldering tape, suitable for a variety of bags and rollers, space for storing the roll, drip tray and cutter for quick sectioning.

It is provided with a marinating function, which uses the extraction of oxygen to open the pores of pieces of meat, favoring the penetration of flavors. In terms of control, we can tell you that it is a variant with an automatic system for adapting to the food with which it is used. Allows vacuuming and dry and wet, and for cakes, cookies, blackberries, etc. you can use the Pulse option, so that you have control over the speed and the procedure does not crush the food.

You will receive it with a roller, three zippered bags, two 3.78 liter bags and three 0.94 liter bags. In order not to buy incompatible accessories, we recommend you to check their list on the manufacturer’s website.



FoodSaver FFS016X-01

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

For those who want to buy a FoodSaver brand product, but at a slightly more affordable price, we have included in the list of recommendations the FFS016X-01 model, with a single vacuum speed, which you can consider slow, if you refer to other appliances, but which avoids the deformation of food in the bag.

It has a 28cm gluing tape, integrated cutter, light indicator for monitoring the welding process and port for reusable bottles, pans and bags. You can use it for both dry and wet vacuuming. If in the second case you encounter difficulties, it is good to know that you can solve the situation by leaving the bags longer than in the case of dry food.

It works automatically and simply, without needing too many settings, the only requirement being to close the lid very well until you hear the two locking clicks, so that the vacuuming is done in optimal conditions. Use corrugated roll, from which you can cut as needed, or individual, predefined bags.


FoodSaver FFS002X-01

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

Also in the category of versions for limited budgets and efficiently organized kitchens, we recommend that the variant and model FoodSaver FFS002X-01, compact and easy to store, with 28cm soldering bar. It works with the embossed roller, from which you can cut the bags exactly to the desired dimensions, with the help of the integrated cutter.

To glue correctly, be sure to stretch the bag very well, so as not to form wrinkles. As with other models, closing the lid is a little more difficult, because it has to hold the material very well. So press with confidence until both side buttons come out and the green LED lights up.

It is designed especially for dry vacuuming, but you can use it for wet, in some cases. You receive it together with 10 vacuum bags, a roller, and a hose that allows you to empty bottles or pans with a compatible system.



Professional food vacuum cleaner:

Lay Professional VT3120

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

Do you want to be able to see a greater variety of foods without water being a problem? You can try this model of food vacuum cleaner, professionally, from Laica, with three working modes, which allow the differentiation between dry, wet and wet products. In addition, it provides you with two vacuum speeds, normal and delicate, in order to easily protect the most fragile dishes.

You can also use it for marinating, you can use the sealing function separately from the vacuum one and the Pulse option, when you want to fully control the way the oxygen is extracted from the bag or casserole. It includes, of course, a port for containers (pots, bottles) and reusable or zippered bags, and offers an above average suction capacity of 20 liters / minute.

Includes liquid collection chamber and double sealing tape for long-term safety. It is a model with a clamp, located on the counter, small enough not to take up too much space in the kitchen, easy to use and efficient.



Food vacuum bags:

Metro Professional

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

If you bought a professional vacuum cleaner with a clip, or a household version, you definitely need bags to use it. We therefore recommend this set of 100 pieces, 9 microns thick, suitable for a variety of devices of this type.

They have a corrugated structure, for secure attachment in the soldering system of the appliance, and the dimensions of 20 x 30cm, the most popular option for use in the household. These food vacuum cleaner bags are recommended for long-term storage and withstand high temperatures (up to 4 hours of exposure to 100oC). Also, the structure is designed to maintain its properties in the freezer, at temperatures down to -40oC.

They are transparent, to be able to easily check the content and are part of the category of bag models for individual food vacuum cleaners, pre-formed and with an already closed end.



Food emptying casserole:

FoodSaver FFC008X-01

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

We recommend this casserole if you want to have other ways of emptying, in addition to rolls of bags for vacuuming food and preformed bags, reusable or not. This variant is compatible with all appliances sold under the FoodSaver brand, regardless of model, and provides you with a storage capacity of approximately 1.9 liters.

It is therefore a fairly roomy option, suitable for those who cook and store food in large quantities, and the price is right. The cover, made of flexible plastic, includes the valve for connecting to the hose of the vacuum device, and the walls are transparent, in order to be able to check the food inside.

Numerous opinions about the best food vacuum cleaners recommend pans for fragile products, which can be crushed, or liquid. In order to use these accessories, the device must include a connection port. So check the vacuum cleaner before you decide to buy this product.



Buying guide


According to studies, preparing food for storage with a vacuum cleaner can increase storage periods by 3 to 5 times, providing additional space savings in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry. However, not all these devices offer the same adaptability and the same level of performance.

This is why we tell you in this guide what are the basic criteria that can help you easily choose the best food vacuum cleaner for your family.

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

The accessories he works with : The best food vacuum cleaners will give you the opportunity to seal bags, as well as to empty pots and even bottles.

The bags are made of heat-resistant plastic, available in several sizes. The disposable versions cost approximately 1 lei / bag, and you can buy them in the form of a roll or already cut, and the reusable ones, with valve, cost between 5-7 lei per piece. The roll offers you the advantage of individually sizing each bag, according to the shape and size of the food stored, thus saving up to 50% of costs, but it is disposable.

Casseroles are better suited than bags for fragile foods, whose structure and shape can be affected by the plastic that tightens when vacuumed. They are reusable, but they cost between 30 and 150 lei each, depending on the size and brand, so it means a higher initial investment. In addition, only some food vacuum cleaners, at good prices, include port and hose for pans and bottles, so make sure you can use them with your model before you buy them. We recommend casseroles if you are used to storing large amounts of food and often wet or damp food.

You can also use a model with a vacuum port to remove oxygen from bottles of wine, vinegar, etc., thus preventing premature oxidation. For this you need special plugs, which generally cost between 20 and 30 lei each.


Wet and dry vacuuming : If you intend to use the device frequently for wet, wet or liquid products, we recommend that you look for a vacuum chamber. They are the only devices that offer very good efficiency when working with liquids, but they are more expensive and usually intended for commercial use and large quantities of food.

The models for the house are those with external vacuum, in which the bag remains outside the appliance during processing. Some options also include wet vacuuming, which allows use with juicy foods, without extracting water from them with the air, and most options offer dry vacuuming. If you like to marinate meat and you know that these devices can help you get better results, we recommend you look for a food vacuum cleaner, at a good price, with marinating function.


Pulse speed and function : Thespeed at which air is extracted from the bag can affect more fragile products (pastries, some fruits, etc.), which is why it is better to look for a device that allows manual management of working time / speed. Equally useful is the Pulse function, which allows you to directly control how air is removed from the bag or casserole.


Additional functions : Very useful is the space for storing rollers of bags, whose dimensions you must take into account when buying these accessories. Among the features that it is good not to neglect when choosing a food vacuum cleaner, at a good price, there is also the integrated cutter, which helps you to easily and quickly section the material of the roller exactly where it is needed. Some models include a window that allows you to see exactly where you cut, so you can save the roll if you want to reduce costs.

Look for a version with a hose and vacuum port, if you want to be able to use the device with pots or bottles, and the detachable drip tray helps you to maintain it more easily. If you have a small kitchen with little storage space, make sure you focus on a model of food vacuum cleaner, cheap and good, with locking system and the possibility of vertical placement when not in use.

The soldering or welding function, without vacuum, is mandatory to be able to use rollers. Some models create the beginning of the next bag when using the cutter. This can save up to 50% of working time, and others create double welding tape for better resistance over time.

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

Frequency and intensity of use : For restaurants, hotels and those who store large quantities in combines or refrigerated boxes, in the long run a vacuum chamber is better. These models are more roomy, more adaptable to food characteristics and include longer welding rods. So you can use them to empty several bags at the same time or wider bags. In addition, I use smooth bags, which are cheaper in price per piece, so you will recover your investment over time.

For occasional use, versions with external vacuum are recommended, in which the bag remains outside during the removal of oxygen. These options have a welding strip width of up to 40cm and use textured bags – the surface that allows stable grip on the device – which are slightly more expensive. However, the device itself costs significantly less than a vacuum chamber.

Also for halls, restaurants and other situations where it is easier to take the vacuum cleaner to food, than vice versa, there are versions with a pistol format that use reusable bags with a valve. But they are less used in the household.



Frequent questions


How do you empty solid foods?

You can empty solid food into any external vacuum device, through the standard process that involves extracting oxygen from the bag, at a speed adapted to the strength and texture of the products inside.


How to empty liquid food?

To empty liquid food you need a device that includes a special filter, very dense, designed to prevent the extraction of water particles from the bag, casserole or bottle, along with oxygen.

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

Can I use any bags with a food vacuum cleaner?

Not quite, not exactly. If you think about the process by which the material is sealed, you will realize that you need rolls of bags for the food vacuum cleaner or individual, special bags, made of a heat-resistant plastic. It melts only partially, so much so as to allow sealing, while maintaining its integrity. For vacuum chambers you need bags with a smooth surface, while models with external vacuum use only textured bags.



Why use a food vacuum cleaner

Have you been looking at food vacuum cleaners for some time, cheap and good, and you can’t decide if you really need one in the house, or not? We tell you below some of the reasons that determined other people to add such a device among the appliances already used and that can help you figure out if it applies or not in your case.

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

Space saving

Is the fridge and freezer always full and are you struggling to arrange the food so that you get some extra space? A vacuum cleaner can help you gain usable area by removing air from inside the storage bags. But it will not help you much in this regard if you are determined to use only pans and bottles, which have a fixed volume.


Food lasts longer

The oxygen that remains inside the storage containers and bags contributes to the faster deterioration of the food. From simple oxidation and change of taste and color to the development of mold and bacteria, you can prevent them all by vacuuming, increasing by 3 to 5 times the shelf life of food.

food storage vacuum cleaner in 2021

Keeps moisture

Meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables – all dry little by little, as long as they are stored in the refrigerator. With the removal of oxygen from nearby space, water vapor remains in the texture, keeping food exactly as it was at the beginning.

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