Legend of Shaolin Kungfu II: Thirteen Cudgel Monks


 Yuen Biao is playing Tan Zong, one who is responsible for assembling 12 other monks to form Thirteen Cudgel Monks to deal with Wang Shi Chong. He is expert in 72 Peerless Arts of Shaolin, his skills unfathomable, having reached the state of union of Zen and Kungfu. He is pensive, collected, and doesn’t exhibit his emotions. He has the bearings of a grandmaster of his times, caring for the affairs of the world.

Leung Kar Yan plays the antagonist Wang Shi Chong, a cunning, greedy, vicious, merciless general of Sui who later usurps the throne. He throws his weight about in the court and oppresses the populace. He bans martial arts practice in order to forestall any future threats.

Leung Kar YanHe raises a group of assassins to get rid of his dissidents. While he loves his daughter Wang Yu Feng (Sun Hui Ning) dearly, he has no qualms about sacrificing her happiness for his selfish gains. Very highly skilled, having mastered Split Assault. He can move at an alarmingly breakneck speed, and is able to create multiple likenesses of himself.

Ji Chun Hua is back for more nefariousness reprising his role as Bald Eagle Wang Ren Ze, nephew of Wang Shi Chong. Scheming, vile, brutal, lascivious, and he is also extremely passionate about martial arts. In Wang Shi Chong’s good books. He’s no less merciless than Wang Shi Chong and would stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Yuen BiaoIn order to be Wang Shi Chong’s successor, he’s often undermining Wang Shi Chong’s adopted son Wang Ren Yi (Li Yuan). The two may appear friendly with each other on the surface, but often compete secretly against each other for Wang Shi Chong’s favour, neither giving in to the other. Specialises in highly pernicious skill Sleeve Blade.

Ji Chun Hua was born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang in 1961. Following an illness leading to complete balding on his head, Ji Chun Hua faced a major crisis in life, almost having to give up wushu. At the time director Cheung Sing Yim was in casting process for Shaolin Temple, and because of his bald head, Ji Chun Hua was picked to play a major villain alongside Yu Cheng Hui. This changed Ji Chun Hua’s life, as it allowed the martial arts zealot to further his pursuits of wushu.

Since then, he has been playing villainous roles mostly, though Ji Chun Hua’s a very nice and helpful person in real life. Once, on an outdoor set of Shaolin King of Martial Arts late at night, on learning about an oncoming hurricane, Ji Chun Hua hurriedly ran about knocking on everyone’s door to alert them to take shelter, but because of this, he didn’t even have the time to retrieve his personal belongings.

With his menacing presence, coupled with excellent wushu skills, making him a very worthy opponent to fight against, Ji Chun Hua went on the become one of the most memorable onscreen villains, having appeared New Legend of Shaolin, Fong Sai Yuk 2, White Lotus Cult, New Shaolin Temple, Shaolin King of Martial Arts, Legend of Shaolin Kungfu. There are exceptions too, whereby he takes on the roles of good guys – usually with weird temperament – such as Red Sorghum, Era of the Vampires, Seven Swordsmen and  Wing Chun.

Martial arts director Yuen Bun explaining the scene to Li Yuan

Martial arts director Yuen Bun, one of the Seven Little Fortunes along with Yuen Biao, working on the set of Legend of Shaolin Kungfu 2. He’s very meticulous. He’d painstakingly write down every scene he’d be shooting and as he completes each of them, he would strike it out. He would explain the scene and the moves very patiently to the actors, such as to newcomer Jie Hui Qing who doesn’t have any martial arts background, without any temper at all.  Legend of Shaolin 2 BlogPhotos: Legend of Shaolin Kungfu 2 Blog, Leung Kar Yan’s Blog

   The Thirteen Cudgel Monks Wang Xiao Long, Li Chong Wang Xiao Long, Li Chong  


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