Lady Warriors/Generals of Yang Family 

Press conference for 《杨门女将之军令如山》 Lady Warriors/Generals of Yang Family: Military Order Stands Absolute was held on October 28. Produced by Jackie Chan and directed by Frankie Chan, the film stars Cheng Pei Pei, Liu Xiao Qing, Cecilia Chueng, Liu Dong, Richie Ren, Yu Na, Jin Qiao Qiao, Chen Zi Han, Zhao Qian Yu, Sheng Jun, etc.

Director Frankie Chan announces that Cheng Pei Pei is playing Lady She, Liu Xiao Qing is playing Princess Chai, while Cecilia Cheung, who reportedly pockets 10 to 15m yuan, plays Mu Gui Ting, “Mu Fui Ying resembles her character very much, Mu Gui Ying was a brigand, after marrrying Yang Zong Bao (Richie Ren), becoming part of the Yang Family, she fulfils her duty as a wife, and raises her son. Be it strength or beauty, they must be handled just right.

“She was very earnest during the fitting session 2 days ago, she had to put on the armour, ride a horse and carry a spear, I was afraid that she would find it very heavy, but she told me it’s lighter than her kids, and she had been doing dumbell lifting too. ”

Cecilia Cheung, who apart from carrying her kids, has been lifting dumbells at home, says, “This is my first period film since my comeback, brother Jackie Chan who is producing, gave me a lot of encouragements. I also like this character very much, for in real life, I’m one who dares to display my feelings, whether it is love and hate, and I also have great maternal instincts, I hope to inject modern feel into this lady from the past. Modern day women not only cook at home, but can be valiant too, I want to let my sons’ generation see the brave side of girls.”

Frankie Chan reveals that it took him as long as 10 years to prepare the script, which is based on 12 Widows’ Expedition to the West from Yang Family Generals, and the cast were painstakingly picked. The budget is 100m yuan, and apart from building the Asia’s biggest soundstage in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, it will recreate battlefields on a 1:1 scale. And also he has been training the cast, made up of a number of newcomers, like Liu Dong, to prepare for this film.

Jackie Chan, who turns up specially to lend his support, says that he likes the script very much, “Initially, Frankie Chan wanted me to play Yang Zong Bao, Jaycee Fong to play my son Yang Wen Guang, but I turned him down, for I don’t like playing opposite my own son, but I didn’t want to give up the script, for my wife shedded tears when reading the script, so I agreed to be the executive producer.”

Frankie Chan divulges that Jackie Chan had been clamouring to play Lady She if he couldn’t find a suitable actress. Jackie Chan smiles, “I felt that Lady She requires someone with weight, and if I cross-dressed, it would be a big surprise to everyone. As an actor, I would like to try out different roles. But, eventually the director found Cheng Pei Pei, I have no objection at all to her playing this role.”

Lady Warriors of Yang Family will commence production officially in Hengdian on November 6, and would subsequently move location to Ordos. Shooting would take around three months.


Song Dynasty, Renzong’s reign, Emperor Renzong leads of life a debauchery, neglecting the court. Evil and corrupt mandarins prevail, while wars erupt constantly at the outskirts, people are living in turmoils. Xixia, with is very mighty military forces, is invading Central Plains, intending to conquer Song.

With all Yang generals dead, only Yang Zong Bao remains stationed at the pass, but the corrupt grand vizier Pang, would not send aids and reinforcements to the borders, resulting in Yang Zong Bao losing his life eventually. It’s now up to Yang Zong Bao’s wife, Mu Gui Ying, the former brigand, to take up the onus of defending the land by leading the Yang widows to the West…   Sohu, New Express Daily, Sina, Huaxi Metropolis Daily, XinhuaNet

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