fresh donuts with strawberry jam filled recipe

Recipe Smooth donuts with strawberry jam

fresh donuts with strawberry jam filled recipe


  • * ~ 500 g flour
  • * 200 g boiled potatoes
  • * 50 g sugar
  • * 50 g butter
  • * 1 or
  • * 10 g of dry yeast
  • * 100 ml of warm milk
  • * free of rum
  • * oil for frying
  • for the filling:
  • * strawberry jam

Preparation Fresh donuts with strawberry jam:

Mix the yeast with a little sugar and milk, mix until it dissolves, put a little flour on top and leave to rise for 10-15 minutes.

Boil the potatoes in their skins. When they are ready, pass them under a stream of cold water, clean them and pass them.
We put the rest of the flour in the tub of tomorrow's car (or in a bowl if it is kneaded by hand), we add the mashed potatoes, mayonnaise, rum essence, egg, the rest of the sugar dissolved in the rest of the milk, the soft butter at room temperature and knead a firm dough, but quite sticky.

  • Since the potato dough has the property of absorbing a lot of liquid, at first the dough will seem hard and difficult to knead. As it is kneaded you will see that it softens and you will even have to add more flour.

Leave to rise until it doubles in volume.

Pour the dough on a well-floured table and divide into balls of about 50-60 g each. We stretch them a little with the bridge of the palm, and with the thumb we make a hole in the middle. Let them rise again, about 15-20 minutes.

We take each piece of dough, form the hole in the middle again and fry it in a pot with a lot of oil.
Brown on both sides and remove on an absorbent towel.

Fill the pits with strawberry jam and powder with plenty of sugar.

fresh donuts with strawberry jam filled recipe

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