Fried apples with walnuts and caramels

A very easy dessert to make and after that you will have the guilty look of the one who ate too much. :))))

Fried apples with walnuts and caramels

* 2 eggs
* 100 g sugar
* 125 g yogurt
* 3 tablespoons melted butter
* 150 g flour
* 1 teaspoon baking powder

The dough for this dessert is the same as the one from the Gauffre recipe with caramel and bananas.

We caramelize the sugar and quench it with 100 ml of water. Let it cool.

Mix the eggs with a pinch of salt until they double in volume. Add the cooled sugar syrup, then the other ingredients. We will get a dough a little thicker than the pancakes.

* For the caramel sauce:

* 50 g butter
* 1 glass of sugar
* 1/2 glass (same) whipped cream
* 4 mere
* chopped walnuts

The sugar is caramelized over low heat, stirring constantly. When it is ready, add the butter and mix until it melts, then add the whipped cream. Boil a little longer, until it starts to thicken, then leave to cool.

We clean the apples and remove the stalks. We cut them into slices about 1 cm thick. Depending on how sweet they are, sprinkle or not with sugar, then with cinnamon.

Fried apples with walnuts and caramels

We put the composition for the dough in a plate and roll the apple slices on both sides. We fry them in a Teflon tray greased with a little oil.

Remove on an absorbent napkin if necessary, then stop with plenty of caramel sauce and sprinkle with chopped walnuts (broken by hand).

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