Guide to sweets made from rose petals – jam and others

One of the most special jams is that of roses, which is very fragrant and contains a lot of beneficial substances for the body. Rose petals must be chosen carefully, cleaned and prepared to put into practice all kinds of recipes. These flowers can also be used to make goodies such as sherbet, syrups or liqueur.

Have you ever eaten rose jam? Isn't it different from many other goodies of this kind that you have tried over time? The aroma it offers is unique, and the health benefits do not take long to appear, being a good antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, soothing, etc.

If you also want to make rose jam, this guide will help you know exactly what steps you need to follow, when it's time to pick the flowers and what ingredients are needed.

Which varieties of roses are good for jam

When we talk about dishes made with sweet roses, we can find many varieties. The most common and appreciated are the following: Rosa Damascena (pink plant, with rich flowering and strong scent), Honey Vanilla (vanilla shade, blooms repeatedly, the scent is softer), Madame Isaac Pereire (rich flower, special smell, resistant to pests, but also to other factors such as disease or drought), rose rose Rose de Rescht (lilac red color, the texture of the flower is rich and the scent is strong), Rosa Graham Thomas (shades of bright yellow, special smell, blooms from spring to autumn).

If you want to have the raw material in your own garden to make such goodies, then you can plant jam rose seedlings, which you can take care of, and when the time is right, you can harvest them so that you can enjoy rose roses. jam grown as naturally as possible.

Guide to sweets made from rose petals – jam and others

Guide to sweets made from rose petals – jam and others

How to prepare petals for jam

Rose jam, with many benefits for the body, is prepared from the petals of this flower. There is nothing very difficult.

You can take care of cutting the sweet roses when they are in good bloom. Ideally, you should do this at the end of May (but it also depends on the variety you have), in the morning, before the sun rises (to have a very strong smell). You can either cut the flowers at the base with scissors or pull lightly with your fingertips on the petals, at which point they should come off on their own.

Some people are also interested in how to clean roses, because they believe that the white part at the base of the flower can give a slightly bitter taste. If you want to get rid of it, gather the flower between your fingers and gently cut its end, where the white part is. You will thus get rose petals perfect for jam.

Rose jam recipes

If you are wondering how to make rose jam, we will present you a very simple recipe. It is composed of a few elements that are available to anyone, so it will not be very difficult.

The ingredients you need for rose jam, the classic recipe, are: 250 g of petals, 1 kg of sugar, 500 ml of water, vanilla essence and lemon juice. The roses are washed well, cleaned and then the flowers are sprinkled with lemon, to keep their color.

In a larger pan, which does not stick to food, such as a cast iron or Teflon pan, or even in a Tefal pan ( a list of products compared here ) , prepare the syrup. It is made of water and sugar and left on the fire until it starts to bind. Then, to continue this recipe for rose jam, add vanilla and petals. The cooking time is very short, about 15-20 minutes.

After it has cooled, the rose jam is poured into jars. Even if it is more fluid, when it cools it will thicken and be perfect for consumption.

Even if there are modern ways to prepare this goodness, many people still prefer such old recipes for rose jam, because they lead to delicious and very fragrant dishes.

Guide to sweets made from rose petals – jam and others

Guide to sweets made from rose petals – jam and others

Other recipes with rose petals

In addition to rose jam, you can also make other sweet delicacies from this aromatic plant.

Rose sherbet – is a refined and delicate dessert, which is prepared easily and quickly. In the past, it was served to guests when they stepped on the doorstep of a house. Now, it's less commonly consumed, but it's just as good.

To prepare it yourself, you need: 160 grams of roses, 650 g of sugar, 35 ml of lemon juice and 400 ml of water. From this amount you will get 600 g of sherbet.

Put the flowers in a saucepan, put water on them and simmer for 5 minutes, until white. Then, strain everything in such a way that you use only the water in which the petals have boiled, add the sugar and lemon and let it boil over medium heat, until it reaches a temperature of 118 degrees Celsius. Then, turn off the heat, add the petals that were boiled in the water initially and leave it until the next day.

The next day, place the pot on the fire again and bring to a boil, then strain again and boil up to 116 degrees Celsius. After that, it cools down to 40 degrees Celsius and everything is mixed with a device specially designed for this, until it thickens and becomes creamy.

Rose juice – a drink that helps you cool off on hot summer days. For 4.5 liters of rose, you need 300 grams of rose flowers, 4 lemons and 400 grams of sugar (you can replace it with honey if you want). Mix all the ingredients and leave in a jar with a lid for 2 days, then strain and consume.

Prepare your pantry for the winter, so that you have all kinds of goodies in it. If the options we mentioned are not exactly to your liking, you will find many other options in the online environment and you will learn how to make strawberry jam, classic recipe, compotes, preserves and all kinds of other dishes.

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