healthy recipes for children’s lunch boxes

And the word "whimsical" I think would fit very well in the title. :))

Yes, I have some capricious children who do not eat anything I would like. And then I have to resort to various tricks to make them eat. With pleasure, not only out of the need to eat. Thanks to them, they also cook for them every day, thus trying to offer them a healthy and balanced diet.

Thus, I enthusiastically accepted the proposal from Qbebe to get involved in the project that is taking place on their website. I have known the site for a long time, because before being a proud cook and culinary blogger I am a mother and everything related to nutrition, psychology and children's education interests me. I invite you to visit them, too. in case you need any advice or opinion.

What I will post today is a complete menu proposal for children over 3 years old, which must contain their meals for the whole day. There are many recipes for children on the internet, but another proposal never hurts. :))

So let's see what a whimsical child's day looks like. :))

M wedge Breakfast is an important meal and pleasant, because each eat what he likes and there too many vegetables :)) as is lunch.

A slice of omelette roll or a few slices of chicken pastrami, complete with a glass of milk and a cheese , keep us in shape all morning.

healthy recipes for children’s lunch boxes

At lunch we must have soup or broth , of any kind, it does not matter. Robert likes soup, Amira has soup. So we alternate, once soup, once soup, to make everyone happy. :)) And the second way follows, where… eheheee… I always have to show imagination. :)) Not to have too many vegetables in sight, not to be too big chopped and to have a lot of garlic. :)) As long as at least these criteria are met, it's ok.

A chicken stew in bread is perfect. Especially since children can be involved in the preparation process. 😉

healthy recipes for children’s lunch boxes

Browsing the collection of culinary recipes on Qbebe, I found a recipe with chicken legs, which I will soon implement. The steak of Moroccan chicken legs sounds very tempting.  

The snack is generally made of yogurt with cereals or homemade cakes, such as a cake made of egg whites and chocolate.

healthy recipes for children’s lunch boxes

Dinner is a light meal, which depends on the time we enter the house from the playground and what we ate during the day. Sometimes a slice of homemade bread greased with butter and honey and a cup of warm milk is enough. Sometimes they can trick them into cooking a portion of zacusca with mushrooms , mixing them with boiled pasta. :))

I wish you great ideas for children's meals and children eating to the last crumb. Which I wish for myself anyway. :))))

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