Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC bowl mixer review

Benefits of Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC:

It offers a power of 1.5kW that can be managed on 6 levels of intensity.

Includes safety system and non-slip feet.

The movement of the mixer is an elliptical one, for easy access in the composition.

It is a version with good stability and allows the attachment of additional accessories.


According to those who have already tested it, this bowl mixer Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC is a technical version noisy enough to bother you if you are used to quieter devices. The manufacturer mentions a maximum level of 85dB, the equivalent of urban noise in an area with heavy traffic. Also, because in some products the stainless steel inner bowl is not perfectly smooth, you may have difficulty cleaning dense doughs.



It is a 1.5kW high power model, which translates into a short time needed to beat the egg whites or knead the dough properly for cakes, pizza, bread, pandispan or cakes.

Because not all recipes require maximum mixing intensity, the Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC offers six levels of power, so you can easily approach more delicate dishes, precisely adjusting the speed with which the ingredients are mixed.

Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC bowl mixer review

In terms of safety in operation, this model is ideal for beginners who want a high-performance tool, being provided with a system that does not allow activation, if the device and accessories are not mounted properly. It also includes a cover, designed to prevent accidental splashing, and non-slip feet, for good stability and on smooth work surfaces.

It is one of the versions of the bowl mixer(here is the comparative list) that offers rotation on the elliptical trajectory, which makes the mixing accessories easily reach all areas of the 5.5 liter bowl, where you can comfortably prepare up to 2kg of dough, according to who have already tested the product.

It is included in the delivery package, together with aluminum paddle and hook, for dough, and stainless steel wire for whipped cream, meringue and light creams. It is at the same time a model with above average weight, which ensures its stability at high speeds, but imposing a permanent location, because it is difficult to move.

The body of the device is made of aluminum, ensuring good resistance over time, stability in use and a smooth outer surface, easy to clean and maintain. Among the features that lead this model to the professional range is the clamping head, which allows the installation of additional accessories to the classic ones.

Thus, you can easily turn the mixer into a powerful blender or a mincer, essential for traditional holiday dishes. The accessories are easy to disassemble, thanks to the button integrated in the mixer foot, which unlocks the fixing system.

Conclusion after Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC review:

It is a powerful mixer, with a reasonable price, intended for pastry and bakery enthusiasts, who are not willing to compromise on quality. It provides you with everything you need to prepare any type of dough or cream, plus the possibility to attach additional accessories, which turn it into a mincer or blender.


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