Homemade Poultry milk recipe

Homemade Poultry milk recipe

Poultry milk – Traditional recipe

How to prepare poultry milk
Preparation time 30 mins
Cooking time 30 mins
  Cream ingredient:
  • 8 yolks
  • 1 l milk
  • 200 g sugar
  • 3 sachets of vanilla sugar (2 teaspoons essence or half a vanilla bean)
  • A pinch of salt
  • Half a tablespoon of grated starch / rice flour (optional).

  Foam ingredients:

  • 8 egg whites
  • 50 g sugar cough
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar.

  For serving, at choice:

  • Raisins
  • Grated chocolate
  • Caramel sauce


The bird's milk recipe is enjoyed by many children and adults, representing for different generations a childhood sweet that all family members can enjoy from small to large on weekends, and not only. The dessert consists of two parts, a foam and a cream that are cooked individually, but which will be served together, forming a product that looks simple, but is tasty. About six servings will come out of the amount of ingredients mentioned above.

French recipe bird's milk is also called "floating islands" because it looks like a floating island in a delicious custard, which you can prepare for countless other desserts. You will start by breaking the eggs and separating the egg white and egg yolks in different bowls, after which you will measure the sugar and milk for the cream. If you use a vanilla pod for bird's milk cream, cut it lengthwise and you will remove the core with a knife , chopping the pieces well and mixing them in the milk. You can replace it with two small teaspoons of essence or vanilla extract or with up to 4 sachets of vanilla sugar.

How to prepare classic poultry milk? First boil the milk together with the vanilla in the desired shape over low heat, during which time beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and the amount of sugar. The result of the bird's milk cake component should be a hard foam where you add a little vanilla or a sachet of vanilla sugar, for extra flavor.

When the dessert milk has heated up, take a spoonful of foam and put it on top, leaving it for half a minute to coagulate, after which you will turn the dessert Bulgarian with milk on the other side. When it's ready, take it out on a tray. An alternative is to prepare the meringue in a classic oven or in the microwave, as in the poultry milk recipe from Jamila.

Homemade Poultry milk recipe

For poultry milk, the recipe also includes a cream called "soda", which will taste like vanilla. Here you will use the remaining yolks from the eight eggs that you rub well with the sugar and, in order to thicken the liquid a little, you can add starch or a little rice flour.

The cream of this recipe with bird's milk is made from the hot milk left over from the boiling of the egg whites in which you slowly put the yolks rubbed with sugar, mixing continuously so that the egg does not coagulate. When it is homogeneous, stop the fire and immediately strain it through a sieve so that the resulting fluid is creamy. To make sure it keeps its shape and is creamy, you can try a poultry milk recipe with pudding, where you put the milk, the yolks and the envelope of pudding together and bring to the boil.

The last step for a home-made bird's milk recipe is to prepare a caramel. Melt a few tablespoons of sugar and, when it starts to liquefy, add 50 g of butter and mix well, taking care not to burn, finally adding about 50 ml of milk to thin the composition.

The assembly of a dessert of this kind is made in a bowl or bowl (or another deeper container), where the sauce is poured, after which the egg white lump is added and sprinkled with caramel sauce. Alternatively, you can add grated chocolate or you can use another topping.

The alternative to classic bird's milk is a bird's milk cake with pandispan, vanilla soufflé and chocolate on top.

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