Homemade tomato broth vegetarian recipe forfasting

Homemade tomato broth  vegetarian  recipe forfasting

Tomato broth or paste

How to make homemade broth
Preparation time 30 mins
Cooking time 1 hr 15 mins
  • 6 kg ripe tomatoes
  • 2 celery leaves
  • 3 teaspoons of salt once
  • A slice of horseradish, for taste.

  For serving:

  • Sterilized bottles or jars for preservation.


A good broth will enrich the taste of any sauce or food in which it is placed, reminiscent of the delicious food prepared by grandparents, which you can also make. And the preparation for such a tomato paste is simple and does not take much time, you can try to make such a sauce for the winter.

To make a good winter broth, it is necessary to consider what kind of tomatoes you use, how ripe or how sweet they are. Tomato broth sauce is generally made in the fall, using the tomato mincer to further ease the entire process of chopping and preparing, which will take you the longest. How to make broth? Let's find out!

It is recommended to buy tomatoes in season, especially organic or from local gardens with a fuller and richer taste, giving a special aroma to a homemade broth. Then, you can use this sauce to prepare zacusca, salads, ketchup or other tasty goodies.

Some examples of homemade broth recipe use exclusively tomatoes given by the broth machine, while others add other herbs or ingredients meant to give a more special taste (tomato broth with peppers, for example) or to help preserves, such as celery and horseradish (Jamila tomato broth recipe adds a little thyme and sugar, for example).

Homemade tomato broth  vegetarian  recipe forfasting

The broth recipe starts by washing the tomatoes twice, after which they will be cut into quarters and passed through the broth machine, which has a cone through which the pulp and juice will come out and where the peel and seeds will be retained, in order to keep the creaminess of the final sauce. The classic way to prepare broth according to the old recipe is to scald the tomatoes and pass them through a thick sieve, pressing them with a spoon, in order to remove only the pulp and the juice for the tomato paste, obviously.

You will put all the tomato broth juice obtained in a large pot that you put on the fire over medium to high heat. You can peel a segment of horseradish, about 3 x 10 cm, and take two leaves from a celery, which you will put directly in the sauce, along with salt. The broth recipe says that you will boil the juice until it gets the consistency you want, so there is no clear answer to the question "How much does the broth boil?". A sign of preparation may be that the foam that initially came to the surface disappears.

How much broth comes out of 10 kg of tomatoes? If for 6 kg of raw tomatoes will result in about 5.5 liters of uncooked tomato broth and 4 liters of prepared tomato broth, then for an almost double amount you will get, say, 7 liters of boiled broth.

Whether you get a simple sauce or a broth of tomatoes and bell peppers or a broth of tomatoes with capsicum or hot peppers, you will have to put it in containers for storage. Put it in sterilized glass jars that you close tightly with lids and boil them in a bain marie to keep well.

If you are wondering what to choose between commercial broth or tomato paste, find out that the broth has a lower dry matter content, while the paste will have a higher concentration of dry matter, ie it is less diluted. This can translate into a more liquid or thick consistency of the end result, even when preparing such a sauce at home.

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