Hood, an indispensable appliance for a modern and clean kitchen

For a modern kitchen where cooking is common, the hood has become one of the most important appliances. You need a high-performance hood to eliminate odors and steam from the kitchen after the cooking process. There is a very wide range of hoods depending on their type and important operating characteristics. The best hood is the one that fits perfectly with your needs and requirements. However, the most important criterion is the ability of the hood to remove odors from the kitchen as much as possible. A good hood will clean the kitchen air of all unpleasant odors. With the help of the hood you can cook without worrying that smells, steam and vapors will spread throughout the house.


Types of hoods

Traditional hotels

Traditional hotels, also called conventional wall hotels, are those hoods that are mounted above the stove. Regarding the air evacuation, it is done in 3 ways: through the back, at the top or on the side. Conventional wall panels are large and fit a kitchen where space is large. In the case of traditional hotels, it is recommended that the stove or cooking space be located close to the kitchen window.

Built-in hotels

This category includes 3 types of hoods: telescopic hood, island hood and decorative hood.

Telescopic hood

This type of hood is recommended for kitchens with a smaller space. The telescopic hood is very easy to integrate in the kitchen furniture because it can be retracted depending on the size of the kitchen or when it is in operation or not. Telescopic hotels have telescopic elements and can be installed in cabinets of different sizes or on the wall. These telescopic elements have the function of enlarging the surface of the hood, which offers a high efficiency of absorption of steam and odors.

Hood, an indispensable appliance for a modern and clean kitchen

Hood, an indispensable appliance for a modern and clean kitchen

Island type

This type of hood fits a spacious kitchen that is equipped with a cooking island in the center of the room. The island hood is mounted on the ceiling and hangs on the cooking surface. Telescopic hotels are equipped with telescopic pipes to offer the possibility of adjustment depending on the distance between the cooking space and the ceiling.

Decorative hood

The decorative hood is the type of hood that is mounted on the wall. In general, decorative hotels are mounted horizontally but can also be mounted vertically or diagonally. These hoods are built in such a way as to stand out with a modern design.

Built-in hood in the countertop

Different from the decorative hood, this type of vertical hood is mounted behind or on the side of the hob and are hidden from view. Countertop hotels are the latest inventions in this field and are very modern. The air evacuation is done at the bottom.


Important features

Air evacuation

This is one of the most important features of hotels. There are two main modes of air exhaust, those with external exhaust and those with internal exhaust that filter the air and through some filters, release it back inside. Hotels that use the outdoor exhaust system are the most efficient because they manage to eliminate all unpleasant odors and steam from the kitchen. It is important that the evacuation is done completely outside the home through a tube. In the case of hotels that use an indoor air recycling system, they are easier to install but require a periodic change of filters. These hoods do not have the ability to eliminate the heat released in the kitchen and smoke or intense odors. More recently, hotels have appeared on the market that use a mixed air exhaust system, both outdoors and indoors.

Absorption capacity

This feature refers to the maximum air absorption capacity and is measured in cubic meters which the hood eliminates in an hour. For the most efficient removal of air, odors and steam, hotels with a high absorption capacity are recommended. Most models use a capacity of 400 m3 / h. First of all, the capacity of the hood is important to be related to the size of the kitchen, which you calculate by multiplying the length, width and height and the result between these three elements to be multiplied by a factor of 12. In this way you will find out the ideal capacity. which fits your kitchen. Another factor to keep in mind is the frequency with which you cook. If you cook a lot then a hood with a high absorption capacity is recommended.

Hood, an indispensable appliance for a modern and clean kitchen

Hood, an indispensable appliance for a modern and clean kitchen

The dimensions of the hood

For greater efficiency, it is recommended that the hood have at least an area equal to the surface of the stove or hob. But for increased performance you can choose a hood that is larger than the size of the hob by 8-10 cm. In this way, the hood will be able to absorb more and better the air in the kitchen.


The noise level produced by the hood is an important element for your comfort and tranquility. The noise level at most hotels is between 45 and 75 dB. To benefit from a pleasant experience during cooking, choose a hood that emits a maximum noise of 60 dB. Another factor that contributes to reducing noise is the hood engine. Thus, a hood with a single engine that has a large capacity is the ideal solution.

Number of engines

This characteristic directly influences the absorption capacity and power. In general, most models use only one engine but there are also types of hoods that have two engines. Two-engine hotels are noisier.


All hotels have fat filters that retain fat. In general, most hotels use metal filters, but there are also models that are equipped with synthetic or disposable filters. Some models of hoods with internal exhaust use charcoal filters that need to be changed periodically. There are also hoods that have ionization filters that remove microbes from the air. Disposable filters are found in paper or synthetic materials and washable ones are made of metal and can be easily cleaned and reused.

Hood, an indispensable appliance for a modern and clean kitchen

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