Hot air fryer: arguments for and against

Have you heard of hot air fryers and wondering if these devices are worth it? Everywhere you turn, you see information about the health benefits, their efficiency and their ease of use. But is this device right for your family? It can be difficult to navigate through online information to find out the true pros and cons of a hot air fryer. We will present the 8 best pros and cons of these devices.

With the increase in the number of cases of lifestyle diseases, healthy eating is increasingly in the spotlight of many people. And one of the latest trends in healthy eating is cooking with a hot air fryer. But, like any other cooking method, in addition to the fact that it has several benefits, it also has some disadvantages. In this article we explain both the advantages and the arguments against to help any potential buyer to make an informed choice.

Here are the main advantages:

Healthier meals

You don't have to use a lot, just a few tablespoons (or any kind) of oil in these devices to make your food crispy and golden! Most users simply spray a little oil on the ingredients and then choose the cooking program. Hot air takes advantage of a little oil, while excess fat simply drains from food. Therefore, these devices are ideal for preparing fresh or frozen french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, chicken wing, but also vegetables.

Hot air fryer: arguments for and against

Unlike a traditional oven, hot fried foods are cooked faster, and excess oil does not enter your food. So the claims that you use less oil and cook healthier meals are true.

Cooking faster and more efficiently

With the Airfryer it only takes a few minutes to warm up and most of the heat stays inside the appliance. Food is cooked faster than in an oven or on a hob, because this heat is not lost in the ambient air. Even frozen food is cooked quickly, because the effect of heat is intensified by the circulating air.

These devices are also more energy efficient than an oven. Using a fryer will not heat your house during the summer, and the cost of electricity used is only a few kw / h. Because the cooking cycle is also shorter, you can find that using a hot air fryer makes cooking faster and more efficient than traditional appliances!


You can use the hot air fryer for frying, heating, reheating, baking, frying, grilling, steaming. In addition to french fries and fish, you can make sausages, steaks, chicken breast or thighs, grilled sandwiches, meat and vegetables, fried or steamed vegetables, all kinds of fish and shrimp, even cakes and desserts. If your appliance is big enough, you can even cook a whole chicken or a small turkey, or fry beef or pork.

Space saving

Most appliances are about the size of a coffee machine. Some models are small and super compact, which makes them perfect for small kitchens, kitchenettes, fireplaces or studios. The fryer can replace an oven if you do not have one and can be more useful than a classic fryer or a steamer. If you use it frequently, you will probably be happy to install the fryer on the kitchen counter.

Hot air fryer: arguments for and against

Easy to use

Most hot air fryers are designed to be very easy to use. Just set the temperature and cooking time, put the food in the basket and do something else. Of course, you will get better results if you mix the food once or twice during the cooking cycle, especially for french fries, potato chips, wings and legs. This ensures even browning and perfect results. Many fans of fryers can even teach their children (teenagers) to use them to prepare snacks after school or fast food menus.

However, a number of disadvantages can be listed:

Quality issues

Hot air fryers are often made from cheap plastic and metal parts. They may or may not last after months or years of use. The heating elements, controls and fans tend to break down and, once that happens, your device is useless.

Metal baskets do not usually last very long and often need to be replaced. Printing on the dials or control panels may be lost. Even expensive units can have these problems, and some brands seem to have many problems reported. These are not robust and generally durable kitchen appliances.

You can avoid some of these problems by buying a fryer from a company known for its high quality, long warranties and excellent customer service. Each brand has its problems, so you should consider purchasing an extended warranty for additional protection.

It is not ideal for large families

You'll see fryers recommended for "large families," but what does that really mean? Most hot air fryers are best suited for cooking for 1 to 4 people (depending on capacity). There are very few who can cook for more than 4 people and, most of the time, they still need to cook in series.

A medium-sized fryer with a capacity of 3.5 liters can usually serve a main course for two people, or a main course and a secondary course for one person. A large unit with a capacity of 5.8 liters can serve a main dish, such as a whole chicken, which theoretically means enough to serve 4 people, provided you cook the rest of the food in another device. Therefore, they are ideal for small families or single people, or for an office snack or snacker.

Hot air fryer: arguments for and against


They are ideal for individual users and small families. Single parents, dorm students, the elderly and people living in small spaces can truly benefit from the best hot air fryer . If you decide that the advantages of getting one outweigh the disadvantages, make sure you choose the right device for your needs. Buy one with the capacity and design that best suits your intended use, and the chances of satisfying your long-term purchase will be very high.

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