How to make green walnut jam like a chef

Green walnut jam is a real delicacy and, if you have the time and patience, it is not very difficult to make. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But you can make jam, but also other goodies and dried fruits of this kind, and this text will give you some good ideas to put into practice.

Many housewives, when it comes to green walnut jam, are in the balance whether to do it or not, believing that the procedure is a difficult one. Well, it's not the simplest recipe, but it's not very complicated either. In the following, we offer you important information about such dishes, to know exactly what you have to do, when to harvest the nuts, how to prepare them, etc. At the same time, we will talk about the benefits of these goodies, but also about other interesting recipes that you can make even with dried nuts.

How beneficial is the consumption of nuts

When it comes to eating nuts, there are countless benefits, because they: contribute to the health of the cardiovascular system, help maintain weight, reduce stress, give energy, maintain healthy hair and skin, support brain activity, etc. Yes, without a doubt, consuming these ingredients constantly will be very helpful for anyone.

But, in addition to their raw form, we can also talk about green walnut jam, health benefits being found in such a form of consumption: strengthened immunity, reducing anemia, stimulating the nervous system, maintaining the health of the stomach, heart and of the skeletal system.

How to make green walnut jam like a chef

How to make green walnut jam like a chef

When walnuts are good for jam

Many housewives are looking for the perfect green walnut jam recipe, but before you put it into practice, you need to make sure that this fruit is in the right condition to be harvested for such purposes.

So, if you want to make walnut jam, they must be harvested from the end of June until the end of July. Choose the youngest and it is necessary to be easy to peel with a knife.

How much nuts do I need for the jam

Walnut jam, with multiple benefits for everyone, is usually prepared in small quantities, because it is consumed in moderation. If you want to orient yourself to make a certain amount, find out that from 150-200 nuts (1.5 kg approximately), you will get 1200 grams of jam at the end. However, you will stay after boiling, and of course the other ingredients used in walnut jam, the recipe made by you, will be part of the mixture.

What interesting recipes, with green nuts, I can put into practice

The most coveted recipe with nuts is the one for jam. There are mainly two distinct ways to prepare such a preparation – with and without peel.

Green walnut jam with peel – this is a recipe that many housewives avoid, because they are afraid of a possible failure or because they do not have time to wait to prepare everything, because it is a more difficult process.

In this case, to make the green walnut jam, the fruits must be kept in water for 14 days, and the water must be changed twice a day. On day 15, they are kept in water with lemon, then boil a little, 3 days in a row, with sugar and other spices, as you wish (vanilla, cloves, cinnamon).

Green walnut jam, without shell here, apparently, things are simpler, although you have to waste time to clean the nuts and you will get dirty on your hands quite hard. The ingredients you need are: 2 kg cleaned green walnuts, 2 kg sugar, a vanilla bean, 1 liter of water, juice from 2 lemons.

Regarding this green walnut jam (classic recipe), the steps are as follows: after the walnuts are cleaned, they are placed in a bowl full of water, in which a lemon is squeezed (left there with the peel) and given refrigerate overnight. Until you get to work, change the water 2-3 more times.

When you actually start preparing this recipe, put a pan on the fire in which you put water, vanilla and sugar. Stir and simmer until everything starts to boil. Remove the foam that forms during cooking and wait until the syrup binds. Then add the peeled walnuts and lemon juice and cook for about 40 minutes. After 15-20 minutes, put everything in jars and that's about it. To prepare everything in the best possible conditions, you can use cast iron pots , which do not change the taste of the food and do not allow gluing.

In addition to jam, some people also make black walnut or liqueur tincture.

How to make green walnut jam like a chef

What recipes with dried nuts can I prepare

Many of us fondly remember the nut recipe as our grandmother did, but, as if we tried, we can't make the taste the same. But if you have dried nuts and you want to try to prepare all kinds of goodies, a good idea would be to make dried walnut jam, a recipe for walnuts filled with jam, all kinds of cakes, etc.

The internet is full of various recipes, and with a simple Google search you will find a lot of amateur or professional chefs who share with others the secrets related to how to make tender nuts, how to make a delicious nut cake and so on. .

How do I keep the walnut kernels for the winter

If you want to have such dried fruits all year round for certain recipes, you need to know how to store walnut kernels. Unfortunately, you can't keep it for too long without it rancid. In winter, for example, you can keep it in a cardboard bag, on the radiator or on the stove, but then it will be harder. It is best to grind it and keep it in the freezer. You can then use it in all kinds of mixtures.

How to make green walnut jam like a chef

How much walnut kernel comes out of 1 kg of nuts

If you also have such doubts, find out that from one kilogram of nuts you will get about 550 grams of core.

No matter what you choose, whether you choose to eat green walnut jam, ground fruits in all sorts of mixtures or simply ingested fresh, the benefits of long-term consumption, in moderate amounts, will be seen in time.

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