how to make homemade vanilla sugar

For today I do not have a recipe , but only a suggestion of how you can use vanilla pods to make vanilla sugar at home.

how to make homemade vanilla sugar

How to make vanilla sugar at home:

I will skip the history of vanilla pods, considered to be the second most expensive spice in the world, because this can be seen at its price and I think each of us has read about it at least once. But considering that we can flavor ~ 1 kilogram of sugar with a single vanilla pod, I say it's worth the investment.

In the supermarket the price is quite high, but there are some online stores, including which have a fairly varied offer and at affordable prices.

I had 2 pods, the seeds of one of them I used for the apple tart in caramel and vanilla cream . In the first phase I put the 2 split pods in the ~ 1 kg box, in which I keep the sugar. After a few days I had lightly vanilla sugar, only good for use in various homemade cakes . Until I finished using this sugar, only the pods dried very well.

Then I put them in the coffee grinder and mixed them with ~ 1 kg of sugar. I don't know if it was even 1 kg, I grinded until the grinder started to heat up. :)) The peel of the pods will not become very fine and if this aspect bothers you, the sugar can be sifted when used. In my opinion, it doesn't bother those dishes, but each one as he wishes.

Store in an airtight jar.

how to make homemade vanilla sugar

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