How to make steak in the oven – time, assortments, methods, temperatures

Baked steaks can be the delight of a menu, but they are not always as easy to make as they seem. Because there are many elements to consider, we provide you with indications that are as relevant and easy to follow. The cooking time, the types of steak, the way you can make them and the ideal temperatures can be found below.

Because the variety of recipes in the cookbooks, on the culinary channels or in the online environment is very large, we offer you some criteria and tips that can be applied in general for an appetizing steak. You can rely on these estimates if the recipe you consult does not contain precise indications or they are confusing.


What you need to know is that the time required for a roast in the oven does not differ only depending on the recipe and is not recommended by great chefs in a mysterious way. The timer is set taking into account the type of meat you want to cook, as well as the quantity you have available. Also, it will matter a lot which part of the animal will reach the tray.

How to make steak in the oven – time, assortments, methods, temperatures

The texture of the meat differs from one animal to another. This makes the time required for a fish in the oven to be reduced, in most cases its meat being cooked in no more than 20 minutes. Poultry (chicken) is also relatively easy to make. In order of difficulty (regarding the time needed for cooking), pork, beef, mutton and game follow.

For some meats, such as duck or mutton, the time required is longer, but can be shortened by using marinades and brines.

Exposure time also depends on the presence or absence of bones and the texture and fragility you want to achieve. The notions of medium, rare and well-done are usually used to designate these characteristics.

To obtain a chicken / chicken of two and a half kilograms (medium cooked steak) it must be baked for over an hour and a half at 175 degrees, and a beef steak of the same weight for about two and a quarter hours. For a 2-kilogram pork steak, an hour and a half is recommended, while the lamb steak requires about 10 extra minutes per kilogram.


The tastier steaks are usually those that have been browned in the oven with all the bones and, if possible, with all the fat they contain. As much of the beef that can be cooked in the oven does not contain fat, it is recommended to add oil or osanza.

The reason why bone is preserved in the case of many steaks, especially when it comes to larger pieces of meat, is that it functions as a good conductor of heat. It helps cook meat indoors, where ovens can't send heat efficiently enough.

The assortments of steaks are categorized starting from the way of cutting the meat, then according to the types of preparation and ingredients. For beef alone, there are about 60 cuts, ie ways of cutting, so we will limit ourselves to the most popular: antricot, sparrow, rasol, shoulder, nut, muscle, lid, head of the chest. Pork is cut into antricot, pulp, chop, shoulder, goose, nape, sparrow, brisket and meatball.

How to make steak in the oven – time, assortments, methods, temperatures

In both cases, the muscles on the back and the brisket, but also the sparrow, are successfully cooked in the oven. The most sought after are the bone steaks that include sparrow and antricot, the so-called T-bone steak.


It is important to prepare the meat for transformation into a roast in the oven. An important element is its fragility. For this you can use a lot of marinade recipes or simply brine. Depending on the type of meat and the quantity, it is left to cool in the marinade or put in a bowl with brine for a period ranging from a few hours to a day.

In order for the muscle fibers not to contract and to have a strong and sticky steak, it is advisable to cook the meat only after removing it from the cold and letting it reach room temperature.

Cooking meat in the oven risks drying it out, and one of the methods that preserves the juices and tenderness of the meat is its browning. For pieces of beef or pork it is preferred to brown in the pan for a few minutes, until the point where all sides of the piece are covered with a brown crust. Avoid making cuts in small pieces of meat, otherwise you will lose the juices and flavors through these cracks.

The poultry steaks are browned directly in the oven, by setting a higher temperature for preheating and the next few minutes. Then you can lower the temperature and possibly cover the pieces of meat with baking paper. In the end, however, the steak must be exposed again to complete the process.


A large part of Romanians use gas supply to cook, but the number of those who use electricity supply is also increasing. Often, the results obtained are different, because both the temperature used for cooking and the type of oven used are important.

How to make steak in the oven – time, assortments, methods, temperatures

Those who want to use a gas stove or built-in oven ( a list of compared models can be found here) should know that they can get a good steak if they rotate the meat during cooking. Otherwise, the temperature given by the flame can burn the bottom of the meat.

If you want to get exactly the kind of steak you set out to do (more or less 'in the blood'), use a meat thermometer. With its help you can control how many degrees have been reached in the core of the steak. If, for example, a pork steak reaches 63 degrees in the middle, it is considered that it has been cooked and the dish can be removed from the oven. For beef, the optimum internal temperature is 57-58 degrees ('rare' steak) or 65-66 (for a 'medium' steak). Lamb is cooked up to 62-65 degrees, respectively 65-68 degrees.

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