how to make watermelon alcohol drink

How does the heat come from the watermelon is not missing from the fridge… What could be better on these heats than a slice of melon and cold? The problem is that this summer we didn't really find good melons and therefore we throw away a good part of the melon. That's how I came up with the idea of making a watermelon border . It's even more refreshing and you have more time :))

how to make watermelon alcohol drink


  • melon core
  • sugar or honey, according to taste and depending on how sweet the melon is
  • a few green mint leaves

Preparation Granite watermelon border:

Melon core, peeled and cut into pieces is placed in the blender jar. Add sugar or honey and mint leaves. Mix until you get a homogeneous composition.

Pour into a saucepan and put in the freezer for about 2 hours, until it freezes well. With a fork we break the ice formed and put it back in the freezer. We repeat the operation once every half hour until the composition looks like snow.

how to make watermelon alcohol drink

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