How to organize your living room bar for your guests

Do you like the idea of a bar arranged in the living room of your home? These relaxation islands are not difficult to achieve, but they require enough space and some information that conditions a correct and pleasant format and an efficient location.


Because, although increasingly popular, it is rarely seen in standard homes, the living room bar is an element that adds a special charm to the interior. It is an attractive arrangement strategy both for those who are passionate about high quality drinks, whether we are talking about wines, whiskey, scotch, brandy or complex cocktails, and for those who arrange an open-space interior.

Here are some tips that will help you include in your apartment or house space, an enviable bar.


How to organize your living room bar for your guests

Choose your location carefully

Theoretically speaking, there are two different cases in which you can fit. If you have an open-space home, then the bar is recommended as a solution to delimit the kitchen from the dining area or the space arranged for relaxing moments, with a sofa, TV, etc.

If the surface you have is not very large, you can choose to use the surface of the bar as a table, in which case it is good to make sure that the countertop is wide enough to place medium-sized plates.

When you want to include a bar in a classic living room, with four integral walls, the best option is to orient yourself towards one of the corners. The bar is usually a permanent construction, which is why it is good to carefully analyze the location, so that it is not located on a frequent passage color from one area of the room to another, but rather in an unused space.

If the surface allows, you can create a bar with a back entrance, which allows you to store drinks and serve from the other side of the bar, while your guests are in front of you. But if the room is smaller, you can opt for a bar glued to the wall, which will give you enough space to store products and a countertop on which you can place the glass and glasses.


The design

Pay attention to the design and the way the bar balances with the whole room. Two basic rules will help you in this regard: coordination with the furniture used to arrange the room and orientation depending on the size of the space.

If you have already opted for a traditional or classic furniture, made of solid wood, it means that the living room or open-space home provides you with a surface generous enough to cope with the visual load. Try to follow the same trend as much as possible and use a similar shade of wood. You can also opt for stone or wrought iron, which easily fits into a rustic decor.

How to organize your living room bar for your guests

Is the space small enough for everything to be light in color and in minimalist lines? Opt for melamine chipboard in white, cream, beige, gray or gray, or the metal structure with glass top, to gain visual space. You can also use one or more mirror-covered surfaces for a modern touch and perceptual extension of the room.

Did you choose to decorate the living room in a contemporary or shabby chic style? Then you need a design with personality, in energetic colors, which does not remain above the rest of the arrangement.


Adapted variants

Do you live in a block of flats, do you have a small living room and can't really integrate a complete bar? There is no need to give up the idea completely. You can buy a table with wheels, with a glass top and at least one shelf, which you can turn into a mobile bar. Such a table can be easily drawn near any wall, where space allows, and moved, if at some point you need space or have guests and you want the bar to be closer to the armchairs.

You can also use a high chest of drawers that you already have in the room. Release the countertop, leaving only one or two decorative elements that you like, and place there the bottles with your favorite drinks, keeping enough space for a tray with two or three glasses. Place your favorite armchair next to the dresser and your bar is ready.


Furniture and equipment

As you have realized so far, there are three essential elements you need to create a bar space. The first is the countertop, on which you can prepare drinks, which differ in size and height, but the standard is somewhere around 80 – 85cm from the ground, with a width of 35 – 50cm.

Secondly, you need a space to store drinks. This category includes a part of the surface of the countertop, if you have no other option or you like to display the drinks directly in the serving area. More attractive and easier to organize is the bar in the variant that includes open or closed shelves, in a closet format, where you can keep the bottles, glasses, trays and other necessary utensils (corkscrew, beer bottle opener, etc.).

How to organize your living room bar for your guests

For those who prefer to drink cold beer, it is recommended to include a mini refrigerator that allows the storage of cans and / or small bottles.

If you want to be able to serve cocktails, don't forget to buy a tailored shaker and glasses. Do you like coffee and do you have enough space? An espresso machine would not look bad.



Isn't there enough light in the living room? It can be, however, if you want to transform, even for a few hours, the bar in the central point of the party or, simply, of the room, you need a suitable light.

You can opt for spotlights inserted in the ceiling, above the countertop, to draw attention to the serving area, long chandeliers, pendulum type, up to the level of the head or other suitable options.

Because usually the goal is to spend more time together and the party lasts a few hours, we recommend light bulbs in cool tones. And for economy and long life, we advise you to focus on LEDs.



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