How to properly clean and maintain a hot air fryer

Presenting itself as a state-of-the-art model, the oil-free fryer invades homes and delights young and old alike for its ability to cook healthy and tasty food. Its ease of maintenance is mentioned as one of its greatest advantages. If other models sometimes require boiling water, soda crystals and cleaning products to stay shiny and ready to cook safely, the oil-free fryer provides easy cleaning.

Hot air fryers are in vogue because they offer various benefits, such as cooking low-fat and healthy meals. They are easy to clean, offer a simple and quick method of cooking and allow you to prepare several dishes simultaneously. With fried food, traditionally cooked, there are a lot of dirty tools, slippery pans and greasy surfaces everywhere. Here's how to clean a hot air fryer to ensure the longevity of the appliance.

Follow the instructions in the user manual

Although fryers generally work in much the same way, it is recommended that you follow the maintenance instructions in the user manual for your model. Usually, you will find the steps and recommendations to follow to maintain the device. If you no longer have it, you can easily find it on the manufacturer's website.

How to properly clean and maintain a hot air fryer

How to easily clean your fryer with hot air

Maintaining the hot air fryer is important and you should clean it regularly to make sure it is working properly. Here's what you can do: First, unplug it and let it cool before trying to clean it. Rub the outside with a damp cloth.

The components of hot air fryers are usually made of materials with a non-stick coating, so they can be cleaned without problems. However, if the food is stuck to the surface, it is recommended to soften it before cleaning it.

How to clean metal utensils from a fryer

Metal utensils should not be used to clean the mini-fryer with hot air, as they may cause scratches. Instead, a non-abrasive sponge should be used. The lid, tray and basket should be cleaned with warm water and dish soap. Because all detachable components are safe for the dishwasher, they can be sanitized this way. For cleaning, you must use liquid degreasing soap.

Use appropriate accessories

To make sure you get the best results and not to miss the last square inch of your fryer, use the essential accessories: microfiber cloth that does not scratch, abrasive sponge and non-abrasive sponge, paper towel, scrub brush and toothbrush of teeth that you no longer use to go through the hardest to reach corners and grooves of the device.

How to clean the outside of the fryer

It is true that the external sanitation of the fryer will not affect the cooking of the french fries. On the other hand, in terms of visual appearance, it is essential because, over time, deposits of grease and traces of splashes form on the outer walls of the fryer. To limit these side effects, it must be degreased after each use with a special product.

How to properly clean and maintain a hot air fryer

Apply or spray on the surfaces to be treated, leave the substance to act for about ten minutes and wipe with a dry cloth or a damp napkin. It is also possible to perform this operation by replacing the degreaser with household alcohol, which is applied with a paper towel.

What you should do after cleaning

The appliance cover, tray and fryer basket must be thoroughly dried before reassembling the device. If the fryer has a lingering food odor, you should clean it immediately. Even after this operation, if the odor is still present, the tray and basket should be soaked again in a liquid soap solution for one hour before cleaning them again.

What to do if the smell does not go away

If the smell persists despite all the measures you have taken, you can cut a lemon and rub the contents of the appliance with half of it. You can also squeeze the juice from half a lemon on a paper towel and wipe the fryer with it. After half an hour of waiting, you can wash it again. If white smoke comes out of the appliance during use, it means that there is too much fat at the bottom and that it is starting to decompose. Therefore, it must be cleaned well.

What to do if your fryer does not start after cleaning

It may sound strange, but before you can call in a specialist, check that the fryer is connected to a power source and that the switch is on. And if all the connections are correct and the device still does not start, consult the user manual to find a technical solution that could bear fruit. If nothing happens after that and the device still does not work, contact the manufacturer's service network immediately.

How often do you have to clean your fryer

There are no standard times when you should do this operation. Cleaning a hot air fryer immediately after each use is always recommended. However, if you fail every time, then make sure you clean it before the day you use it again.

How to properly clean and maintain a hot air fryer

Precautions when cleaning the fryer

No household activity is completely risk-free and, when you clean a hot air fryer ( here we compared a few models ) in which you have invested a lot, you do not want anything extraordinary to happen or to have any unpleasant surprises. Therefore, here are some simple precautions to keep in mind during or after sanitizing the device:

When cleaning the components of the fryer with hot air, do not forget to handle the parts carefully. Do not rush to wash them, you may end up scratching or damaging them.

Use degreasing products when there is a lot of dirt accumulated inside the fryer, or even on the areas between the basket and the tray.

Before and after cleaning the components, check them carefully, as well as the condition of the cables, and make sure that they are not damaged in any way.

Do not use too much oil to cook food and try not to exceed the optimal amount of food recommended to be prepared at the same time.

Try to clean the fryer after each use, both inside and outside, so that you don't have to put too much effort when the situation really requires it.

Never immerse components that come in contact with the power supply (for example, the control panel) to wash them. Use a damp cloth to clean them properly.

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