how to use multi purpose grater for awesome results

A multifunctional grater is not an indispensable tool in the kitchen, but it is certainly a useful one. This tool will allow you to efficiently and evenly cut fruits and vegetables, and this in a record time. In this article, we offer you some tips to help you do well.

The grater is an easy to use tool. However, in order to be successful in cutting ingredients and using it safely, it is important to handle it correctly and carefully. Here is a brief and practical guide to using the tool, from the correct choice of the blade to the storage of the device.

Choose the right blade

Most multifunctional scrapers are sold with a wide variety of blades and accessories, which allow you to perform various operations and many types of cuts. Depending on the desired shape and the necessary dimensions, you can use a specific element of the device: blades, grills, templates, egg separator, etc.

To do this, simply select the blade and adjust the thickness according to the food you want to cut. This is an element to consider, depending on each dish on the menu.

The grater is generally used to obtain very thin slices. Most of these tools are sold with a kind of cutting grids. These make it possible to shave fondue cheese, or to slice or cut julienne, for example.

The graters have thickness settings that facilitate use and guarantee uniform results, at 1.5, 3.5 or 7 mm, for example. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for more or less fine cuts, according to the respective recipe.

how to use multi purpose grater for awesome results

Pay attention to the consistency of the ingredients

You will need to slice hard vegetables, such as potatoes, faster and firmer, while cucumbers and radishes work well with gentler movements. Too easy handling of firm vegetables will cause them to stick to the blade, which can cause your fingers to slip.

Do a few training moves to set the optimal pace and accept that while some graters are good for most fruits and vegetables, some of them are too firm (many pumpkins) or too soft (most tomatoes) to cut. effective by this method.

Hold the grater correctly

When using this tool, its stability and the position adopted are very important. For best results, tilt the grater at a certain angle and support it on a non-slip surface. You will thus avoid possible slips that can cost you injuries to one or more fingers.

And if you use a bowl, place the grater on it and you can collect the crushed ingredients directly in the container. If your equipment has an ergonomic handle, you can hold it firmly with your hand with which you do not handle vegetables or fruits.

Prepare the operation in advance

Place the grater on a safe surface, such as an adherent kitchen bottom. Make sure that the cutting surface will not slip on the counter, so that you can keep control of the device. Choose a slicing blade and adapt it to the desired thickness. If the vegetable or fruit is too large to fit the width of the blade, reduce it to size. For example, you may need to cut a whole onion in half to slice it.

Use the grater correctly

Place the vegetables on the blade and firmly position the hand guard on the ingredient. Make sure you have good grip for hand protection. Use the protective accessory to quickly slide the vegetable up and down on the cut blade. The slices fall on the cutting board.

how to use multi purpose grater for awesome results

When using this type of equipment, give yourself enough time to get perfect cubes, sticks or slices of food. Do not remove the ingredient from the grater, but repeat the operation continuously to have regular slices of the same thickness.

Try not to cut yourself

A multifunctional grater is equipped with one or more blades for easy cutting of fruits and vegetables. For this, they must be sharp enough to perform their task effectively, so you can easily get hurt if you handle it wrong. Therefore, most models have included a hand protection device, which you would do well to use.

If your grater is a classic one, which is not provided with any such element, place your fingers along the ingredient to be cut and do not leave any fingers on the sides.

Use a knife for the finish

When you have almost finished cutting the food and you will find that you have enough small pieces left so that you can no longer pass them through the grater without hurting yourself, but too big to be used as such, the use of a knife is the same. better alternative. This will save your fingers from any cuts.

Egg white separation

Some models of multifunctional scrapers are equipped with a useful accessory for this operation. First set this tool according to the desired function in the grater. It should fit easily. Break the egg into the small circular space in the center. Wait for the egg white to drain through the holes in the bowl. The whole yolk will remain in the accessory.

Clean the equipment after each use

In the kitchen, it is always important to follow the rules of hygiene. These processes will ensure a good longevity of your utensils, but also to maintain your health. Even if you use the grater frequently or only occasionally, you should clean it well after each use. Manually remove the residue from the blade, taking care not to cut yourself.

how to use multi purpose grater for awesome results

Most plastic and some stainless steel graters can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. However, it is recommended to avoid this method. If you wash the utensil by hand, under running water, you should handle it carefully and wear cut-resistant gloves.

Store the instrument away from pets and children

Multifunctional graters are known to be much more dangerous than kitchen knives. Therefore, never put them in a place where a child can reach them.

The best thing to do is to store the utensil and its accessories in an airtight container and never in a drawer or on a high shelf, where someone can walk by hand without looking. Some products included a protective case. In this case, when storing them in a drawer, you simply need to slide the case over the grater to protect your fingers from sharp blades. The case retains the sharpness of the blades for a long time and guarantees a long life for your blades.

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