Ice cream with curacao liqueur

This summer I will fall in love.. with homemade ice cream.
It’s no secret that ice cream is your favorite summer dessert, especially when it’s prepared so simply and so quickly.
Today, I have an eye-catching ice cream, I really like the color, and those who know me, know what my favorite color is
Curacao liqueur ice cream is absolutely delicious. The liqueur is distilled from citrus: oranges (peels), lemons and has a fruity aroma, and the color is impressive.
I added a tablespoon of coconut milk, just enough to give it a subtle flavor.
Three ingredients, a little patience and ready-made ice cream with curacao liqueur!
Enjoy with your eyes closed, the thought will take you to exotic realms

Ice cream with curacao liqueur

Ice cream with curacao liqueur

Ice cream with curacao liqueur Ice cream with curacao liqueur

Preparation time: 20 min Nr. servings: 6


  • 400 gr of sour cream
  • 1 lg coconut milk
  • 250 ml condensed milk (thick, sweetened)
  • 50-80 ml curling liquor
  • chocolate chips


Should be kept cold before use.
Use a stainless steel bowl (preferably) in which to mix the cold cream. When it becomes fluffy, incorporate spoon by spoon, coconut milk and condensed milk. It is sweet enough, no need to add sugar.
Incorporate the liqueur, little by little, stirring gently to preserve the fluffy texture of the composition.
Here, the amount of liqueur depends on the taste and preference of each. I like the liqueur flavor, so I added a little more. Dark chocolate flakes / nuggets can be added.
The composition is poured into a form / casserole / dish and put in the freezer until the next day.
It is a very creamy and fluffy ice cream, with an exotic taste and appearance, perfect for a summer day!
May it be useful to you!

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