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《叶问2:宗师传奇》 Ip Man 2: Legend of Grandmaster held a press conference (video), attended by producer Raymond Wong, director Wilson Yip and the cast, in Foshan on 10 August evening to mark the commencement of the production.

Actual filming will take place on a soundstage in Shanghai the next day and it will have twice the amount of martial arts scenes. The film is due for release next summer.

Fan Siu WongIp Man arrives in Hong Kong, and out of necessity as a means of livelihood to support his family, his conceiving wife Lynn Hung as well as to correct the ill practices of local martial arts schools by setting an example, he sets up his own school to teach Wing Chun under his friends’ persuasion. He takes in disciples Huang Xiao Ming, Shi Xiao Long, To Yu Hang and 10-year old Jiang Dai Yan, while Fan Siu Wong would be shaking hands with Ip Man this time around.

Huang Xiao Ming, who says that he’d start learning Wing Chun on the set, plays Huang Jin, modelled after King of Handtalk Wong Shun Leung, who’s responsible for mentoring Bruce Lee. Huang Jin is Ip Man’s first disciple in Hong Kong and his brashness leads to conflicts with other sects with eventual showdown between Ip Man and a Hung Gar master played by Sammo Hung, who just set up a film stunts training facility in Hebei on August 8. Ip Man would be also putting up resistance against the Allies, pitting against foreigners who are oppressing the Chinese.

Speaking up for Huang Xiao Ming, Donnie Yen says that he’s not worried about his lack of foundation in kungfu, “While Shi Xiao Long and Jiang Dan Yan has an edge in martial arts, Huang Xiao Ming’s acting is the best. We shouldn’t be looking only at kungfu, for acting skill is more important in a good movie.”

Donnie Yen says that his schedule is fully packed this year, having accepted not four but five movies (the fifth being Jian Guo Da Ye cameo), among which he’d also work as the martial arts choreographer on two of the films.

Bruce Lee’s scenes in the film will mainly be on the development of his relations with Yip Man, with the very young Bruce Lee being played by Jiang Dai Yan, while scenes involving teen Bruce Lee being accepted as Yip Man’s disciple are being put on hold.

Wilson Yip explains, “While 10 year-old Jiang Dai Yan may be well-trained in martial arts, he has no acting experience, and neither does he know much about Bruce Lee. I’ll be teaching him how to act, if he couldn’t pull it off, the problem lies with me. We’re still looking for a suitable candidate for adolescent Bruce Lee, if we couldn’t find one, we’d rather omit this part.”

Wilson Yip says the the characterisation is richer, and the storyline more interesting and the most anticipated scene is none other than the showdown between Wing Chun and Hung Gar, “Sammo Hung’s character is not exactly villainous, but he’s very overbearing, just like his torrential Hung Gar. In contrast, Yip Man is very unassuming, much like his fist.”

Sammo Hung, who had a heart operation last week, says that his indulgence in food and cigar is affecting his health, “Because I’m too fat, had heart problem. Was in hospital on August 5 to unclog my arteries, I resumed work on August 7. I’m fine now.”

Concerning new title for the sequel that could be raising eyebrows again, Wilson Yip explains it as being purely coincidental rather than intentional, “The sequel is about Ip Man being elevated from a master, a hero to a grandmaster, so we have ‘grandmaster’ in the title.”  Sina


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