City Under Siege 


 As a Mainland cop who is after the malevolent mutants in City Under Siege, life is full of risks and fears for Zhang Jing Chu, who is constantly facing grotesque and gruesome mutants, and she has to keep looking out for her boyfriend Wu Jing, who often neglects or ignores her. She has shattering fights, and a melancholic, heartrending, ponderous relationship.

City Under Siege shows a different side to Wu Jing in a standout role as an imperfect hero who is susceptible to flaws and failures. As a Mainland martial arts exponent who is rather obstinate, arrogant, chauvinistic, self-centered, coldhearted and short- fused, Wu Jing often disregards Zhang Jing Chu’s safety and acts individually in order to gain credits and fame for apprehending the mutants, while Zhang Jing Chu would remain quietly by his side, supporting him and taking care of him. Driven by desires, has he lost himself in his pursuits of worldly ambitions, rather than the genuine goodwill to save the beleaguered city?

Wu Jing elaborates, “This character thinks that he could become a hero by defeating the mutants, but when he meets with setbacks, he becomes jealous and disoriented. Eventually, he has to pay a very heavy price for it. In the film, Zhang Jing Chu would depend on me, but it’s not over-reliance, she would fight side by side with me, and would support me from behind, but I have failed to cherish her.”

Zhang Jing Chu, who first collaborated with Wu Jing on Yuen Cheung Yan’s Southern Shaolin TV series several years back, notes that Wu Jing has grown from a sunshine kid to a more mature, masculine and firmer man. She is especially fond of his image in the film, “In particular, that beard, so manly.”

Apart from playing Zhang Jing Chu’s hardhearted boyfriend, Wu Jing, who also had a hand in martial arts choreography alongside Ma Yuk Sing and Nicky Li, was responsible for instructing the cast, including Zhang Jing Chu and Aaron Kwok, on the action, designing and brainstorming the choreography. Wu Jing finds that while Zhang Jing Chu is a vivacious girl, she could be very daring on the set, striving to complete all dangerous and difficult moves herself.

Zhang Jing Chu is giving it her all for City Under Siege, which has the most action among all her works, “Director Benny Chan doesn’t want everyone to see the typical action, so, the action was usually redesigned on the set, wearing me out immensely on arriving, for I had to learn everything within one, two hours when filming a fight against Zhang Bao Wen. And neither did the director showed any sympathy to the actresses, often, I had to master a series of moves in an hour and proceed to filming immediately. It’s no mean feat for someone not trained in martial arts. So, I told myself everyday, in for a penny, in for a pound, might as well pull no punches and go all out!”

As a result of the exacting standard set by Benny Chan, Zhang Jing Chu suffered considerable injuries, “I’m especially grateful to Wu Jing, extended period of being suspended on wires resulted in tearing of the ligament in my leg. Wu Jing not only taught me how to relieve pain through massage, but also took the trouble to borrow a special massage mallet for my feet.

“Wu Jing’s action scenes need no introduction, he has been fighting very gracefully all along. And as my coach for the film, Wu Jing would remind me how to maintain that cool pose amidst the hubbub.

“Wu Jing excels equally well in drama scenes, we have good chemistry in our emotional scenes. In the ending scene, I had never felt such feelings before, for Wu Jing’s kindness and thoughtfulness had already melted my heart.  Actually, when you meet someone who gets along very well with you, acting comes naturally, especially in emotional scenes. When I went to dub the film, I couldn’t recapture that kind of mood, so, I requested for the director to retain my original voice.”


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