latte macchiato homemade diy recipe

Today we will indulge in a latte . Latte Machiatto , a fine foam of milk and coffee… a real delight.

latte macchiato homemade diy recipe


  • We will need:
  • sweetened coffee
  • milk

How to prepare Latte Machiatto:

The coffee will be warm and the milk at room temperature.

Krina said the milk was hot, I hadn't done it before.

We will put the milk in a tall bowl (I used the blender glass), then mix it at high speed until we get a dense and firm foam.

Put milk in a glass, then a generous layer of milk foam. We pour the coffee lightly, in a thin thread, and we will see how the layers stand out. 😉 We add a bit of foam, a grated chocolate powder and the coffee is ready!

Can you refuse such a treatment? :)))

latte macchiato homemade diy recipe

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