Lazy Town birthday cake ideas for boys and girls

Today my baby, Amira, is 3 years old.

Lazy Town birthday cake ideas for boys and girls

To live our dear little one, to be healthy and always smiling and focused on our spouses. Mom, Dad and Robert love you so much !!!

Lazy Town birthday cake ideas for boys and girls

* Rock:

* 4 eggs
* 200 g sugar
* 4 tablespoons honey
* 60 g butter
* 2 teaspoons baking soda
* 550 g flour (how much dough does it contain)
* 4 tablespoons cocoa

In a bowl, beat the eggs well with the sugar and honey until they become like a cream. Add margarine and put the bowl in the steam bath. Stir until the sugar in the composition has melted and the composition becomes liquid. Add the baking soda, mix well and keep a little longer on the steam bath. The composition becomes frothy and increases in volume.

In a bowl, mix the flour and cocoa, pour the above mixture and mix. Knead and add flour if necessary, so that a dough like plasticine comes out.

The dough is spread in a sheet as thin as possible directly on the bottom of the tray sprinkled with flour. The dough is kept covered and in a warm place, otherwise it hardens.

Bake the sheets over medium to high heat (180-200 C), 2-3 minutes. Be careful, it burns very easily. Remove from the bottom of the tray, pass underneath with the blade of a knife and put to cool on a grill. After they cool, they become crispy. 7 sheets came out. If you manage to stretch them very thin, more will come out. Either way, it's delicious. :))


* 1 kg sour cream
* 100 g sugar
* 200 g ground walnuts
* vanilla essence

Beat the cold cream with the mixer for a few minutes, then add the sugar, preferably the powder. The amount of sugar can vary depending on everyone's preference, it can be more or less. When the cream begins to take on a fluffy, creamy consistency (if necessary, stabilize it with 1-2 sachets of whipping cream hardener), add ground walnuts and vanilla essence. Mix well by stirring lightly with a spoon.

The amount of cream obtained is divided into 6 parts (one less than the number of sheets). Put a sheet in a tray lined with food foil, then a part of the cream. Repeat the operation until the sheets are finished. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, ideally overnight.

* Glaze:

* 120 g dark chocolate
* 50 ml fresh
* 50 g butter

Melt the chocolate over low heat together with the whipped cream and butter. Bring to the boil, set aside and mix well. Leave to cool until it reaches the consistency of a cream.

For the decoration I used sugar paste figurines, made by my friend Adriana. She is very talented and I thank her very much for the joy she gave Amira.

/_QTxI1IxIp-Q/TP0eJs6LApI/AAAAAAAAGu0/r16n0L2Tmzs/s1600/Picture+1334+copy.jpg” data-rel=”penci-gallery-image-content”>Lazy Town birthday cake ideas for boys and girls
Lazy Town birthday cake ideas for boys and girls

From some remaining pieces of pasta I also played a bit :)) and I made some popcorn, a basket and some "sports candies" :)) I ran all the waters until I made them, so I arrived from new to the conclusion that this is not for me, I prefer whipped cream. :)))

Lazy Town birthday cake ideas for boys and girls

I will put a section later in the evening, if there is anything left to pose. :))

Update: I came back, a bit late, with the cake section. I hope it convinces you to try it too. :))

Lazy Town birthday cake ideas for boys and girls
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