Legendary Assassin 

Press conference marking the inaugural filming of 《狼牙之阿布》 Legendary Assassin: Bruce was held in Beijing on July 25, attended by producers Paco Wong and Ng See Yuen, directors Nicky Li Chung Chi and Wu Jing, famous erhu soloist Chen Jun, who’s scoring/playing the main theme, cast members Celina Jade, Kou Zhan Wen, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Jiang Bao Cheng. To the applause of the guests, Wu Jing and his senior Kou Zhan Wen put up a captivating fight on the stage.

Looming over everyone at 2.08m tall, the gigantic 姜宝成 Jiang Bao Cheng, a wrestler from Sichuan, naturally becomes the centre of attention the instant he makes his entrance. Wu Jing indicates that his fight against Jiang Bao Cheng would be one of the most vigorous in the film.

Newcomer Celina Jade, who stars as the female lead Holly and has just signed to Gold Label, is also singing the theme song for the film. Rounding up the cast are Ronald Cheng, Tin Kai Man, Sammy Leung, Lam Suet, Shui Hung Hui, Mark Cheng, Kara Hui Ying Hung, Aoyama Noriko, etc.

Seeing that Wu Jing is a bit nervous at the press conference, Paco Wong encourages him, “As long as you have the ambitions, the determination, the confidence to shoot good movies, leave all the burdens and worrying to me, I’m behind you.”

As a first time director who is also playing the title role Bruce, Wu Jing says that after developing his career in Hong Kong in the recent years, his manager Paco Wong had been asking why didn’t they shoot their own films? After pondering over it, Wu Jing decided to give it a shot.

Wu Jing continues that working as a director is, to him, a process of growing up, a kind of training towards becoming a professional actor, and it’s an unforgettable lifetime experience. On the other hand, Wu Jing has no intention of shifting exclusively behind the camera, “Being a director allows me to raise my performance further, however, I still enjoy being an actor.”

Director-cum-martial arts director Nicky Li reveals that in order to present even more gripping and staggering action scenes, Wu Jing often suggested upping the ante of the action sequences, “He would keep asking me the give him more risky action, but as he’s also the director, he has the rights to call the shots too, so I have no choice but to give in and stay concerned for his safety at the same time.”

On what kind of new excitements would Legendary Assassin bring, Wu Jing replies, “That I standing side by side with the giant Jiang Bao Cheng is already a visual stimulation. He is around 150kg, when we were having an audition, we tried to push him, but he wouldn’t even budge an inch.


“The script is being amended, whether we would be slamming hard at each other, or I’d be using gentler style like Tai Chi to counter forcefulness, we are still looking in it. Definitely, we would be introducing a completely different set of moves for taking on someone of bigger size here.

“Apart from this, we’re also crafting a scene where I would fight one against 100 – all martial artists. I’m looking for to this. I have learned much from my past few years in Hong Kong, doing SPL, Invisible Target. This time, I would build upon the foundation, striving, within my capacity, for the very best.”

Singer/actor Alex Fong, whose recent films like teen romance L for Love, L for Lies in which Wu Jing has a very brief cameo, have been relatively successful at Hong Kong box office, is doing an action film for the first time, “Initially, I had hoped for more action – as long as I don’t have to fight Wu Jing. However, shooting action films is very tough, perhaps, I would just do only romance after this. So, should you wish to see me fight, you’d have to watch Legendary Assassin.”

Wu Jing says that he wishes to convey, through the film Legendary Assassin, which is described as a tragic romantic martial arts thriller, the innate sense of justice and chivalry in (Wo)Man:

An inscrutable martial arts exponent Bruce rescues a female cop Holly who is trapped on a tree, and later helps her in apprehending escaped convicts. In the process, the two develop feelings for each other. But being on different side of the law, Holly is faced with the difficult decision of whether she should fulfil her duty as a police officer.

If all goes well, Legendary Assassin is opening in theatres in Mainland China and Hong Kong in October, says producer Ng See Yuen.  Sina, Beijing Times


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