Lenor – The perfect pair

Lenor – The perfect pair

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5 weeks ago I received for free from testing from Buzzstore and Lenor Romania the Lenor detergent and conditioner,

the perfect pair, with the same scent.
The package contained 2 boxes of Lenor AllInOne PODS pre-dosed detergent capsules of 15 washes each (Spring Awakening and Gold), 1 bottle of 1l Lenor Spring Awakening conditioner (33 washes), 1 bottle of 0.55l Gold Orchid conditioner (18 washes) and 10 detergent and conditioner samples and leaflets for friends who want to test this product.

I have been using Lenor laundry conditioner for many years and I wanted a detergent to appear. I am very glad that my wish was fulfilled.
Lenor Allin1 PODS Spring Awakening Capsule Detergent has been created to work in perfect harmony with Lenor Balm! With a seductive note of spring flowers, Lenor detergent capsules deeply cleanse and provide long-lasting freshness.
I also tried the pair of Lenor Allin1 PODS Gold Orchid detergent and Lenor Gold Orchid conditioner, with seductive notes of precious vanilla, which gives the clothes velvety and protects the fabrics and shape of the clothes.

Lenor is an effective detergent that gives amazing results. When we washed the first laundry and opened the lid of the washing machine, a seductive smell enveloped us. Even my girls were captivated by this smell and asked me where this beautiful smell came from.

We washed the bed linen and our nights are full of freshness.

How to use the Lenor collection:
– place the Lenor Allin1 capsule in the washing machine tub before adding the clothes;
– Lenor conditioner is added to the washing machine drawer;
– add the clothes and let them wash;
– store the capsules in a place away from children.

And 10 of my friends had the chance to test the capsule I gave them as a gift, along with my impressions during the test.

I am delighted with the Lenor collection: detergent and conditioner with the same scent! The colors of the laundry are brighter, and the perfume is pleasant and lasts longer. You must try them too!

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