macarons italian recipe baked easy

macarons italian recipe baked easy

Macarons – Classic recipe

One of the most beloved French desserts
Preparation time 25 mins
Cooking time 20 mins
  • 2 egg whites
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 90 g almond flour
  • 150 g powdered sugar
  • 10 g cocoa

Cream ingredients:

  • 150 g chocolate
  • 75 g liquid cream
  • 25 grams of butter


When it comes to French cuisine, a very coveted dessert is macarons. These absolutely delicious and fine cakes are not as complicated to make as you might think at first glance. To convince you, we will present you macarons, cocoa and chocolate recipe.

For everything to turn out the way you want, respect exactly the quantities, the list of ingredients and of course the cooking time for such sophisticated dishes for some.

Start by preparing the solid ingredients. Powdered sugar, almond flour and cocoa are passed through a fine sieve and mixed. Then, take the 2 egg whites, beat them well, and when they start to harden, add the sugar over them and mix them again, until you get a meringue-like consistency.

Now it's time to take the almond flour mixed with sugar and cocoa and pour them lightly over the well-beaten egg whites and mix lightly with a spatula, until everything is incorporated very nicely and becomes a slightly thicker cream. Some test to see if the classic recipe for these macarons is a good cream, making the number 8 in the bowl. If it doesn't stop when you do hand movements to make 8, then it's perfect.

macarons italian recipe baked easy

Next, you need to take the cream, put it in a pos or bag and cut it in a corner and form these colored cakes (which are now brown), on a baking paper, in the tray. . After you have formed them, tap the kitchen or table top with a tray to flatten them as well as possible. Next, the experts say that this recipe for macarons enters the break period. Simply wait for the dough to dry a little and for a lump to form.

What you are going to do next is to put the tray in the oven to bake this dessert from the French kitchen. The oven must be preheated and everything is kept inside, at 135 degrees Celsius for 13 minutes, without ventilation.

After the shells are ready, they must be allowed to cool, after which they can be filled with any cream you want. If you want it to be chocolate, mix 150 g of chocolate cake with 25 g of butter and liquid cream. Leave them in a bain-marie until they all melt nicely and a cream is formed, and finally, you can use it to fill these recipe macarons with cocoa.

Small French cakes can also be used to spectacularly decorate cakes. They will look incredibly good. You can try a more colorful recipe for a macarons cake if you want.

This is not a macarons recipe with normal flour, but if you want to use such an ingredient, you will find suggestions even for macarons cake with wheat flour.

If you want to make boxes of macarons, about 18 pieces will come out of these ingredients.

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