make chocolate with cocoa powder and butter

Mihaela , launched in October a challenge among food bloggers. Every month a blog will host the “Sweet chocolate” challenge, with an ingredient of your choice. In November the ant challenged us to “Nuts and garlic” , in December Alison aroused our interest with “Fish and seafood” and in January, after so many sausages and caltabosi :)) Alinuta invigorated us with “Rucola (Voinicica) and mushrooms ” .

For February, I agreed to host this challenge. As this month is the “month of love” I chose chocolate as the main ingredient . A spectacular and sensual ingredient that fits perfectly with the love that floats in the air. :))

make chocolate with cocoa powder and butter

What do we say, are we having a chocolate party this month?

Whoever wants to participate will send me by email  the name, the name of the blog, the post link and a 300 px picture with the respective preparation. The submission deadline will be February 14, and on February 15 I will display the “chocolate gallery”. If you don’t have a blog, you can just send me the picture and the recipe, in case you want to participate in this challenge.

I look forward to seeing you. I can’t wait to see what ideas you will have and what you will surprise your Valentine’s Day couple with.

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