mountain house beef stew review

mountain house beef stew review

* 500 g pork
* 1 onion
* 1 glass of vegetable soup
* 1 glass of wine
* 2 tomatoes
* 4 cloves garlic
* salt and pepper
* thyme
* 1 bell pepper

Cut the meat into pieces and fry in a pan in hot oil with finely chopped onion. After the meat has fried a little, that is, it starts to brown, quench it with vegetable soup and the glass of wine.

Match the taste of salt and pepper, then add the finely chopped tomatoes, chopped garlic and diced pepper. Let it boil. Towards the end of cooking, sprinkle with a little thyme.

Serve with hot polenta and pickles.

mountain house beef stew review
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