Naut crispy recipe 2021

How do you spend the weekend?

I miss the times when I went to discos and spent the morning. Since we have children we have rarely gone out, but at least for a while we have been with friends. And I don't know how it will be with you, but we are a little hungry because we have too many words and good will. 😀 And then, we embed a snack or quickly order a pizza. And then the agitation begins… where do we command? what do we order do we have a phone number? Most of the time we end it somehow, but I can't help but think how good it is for those in Cluj and Bucharest who have Foodpanda at their disposal, a site that manages online orders and home deliveries. 😉

For this weekend I thought of preparing something to chew, tasty and healthy. It was very good, crunchy and spicy.

Naut crispy recipe 2021

  • chickpeas
  • salt
  • Paprika
  • hot pepper flakes
  • olive oil

Preparation Crispy chickpeas:

The chickpeas are soaked in cold water the night before. The next day, change the water and bring to a boil until soft.

In the meantime, I found out that if you put cold water over the boiled chickpeas, the peel on the berries will fall apart and float in the water. You "pick it up" with a foamer and you've solved the problem. 😉

The boiled chickpeas are placed in a strainer to drain well and cool. Then pour into a bowl and season to taste with salt, paprika and hot pepper flakes.

Spices may vary depending on your preference. You can also add garlic powder, pepper or oregano.

Add the olive oil and mix well, so that each chickpea is well covered with spices. Pour the chickpeas into a large stove tray lined with baking paper

Naut crispy recipe 2021

and put in the oven over medium heat until the chickpeas browns slightly and becomes crispy.

Attention, the chickpea hardens after it cools, check its consistency from time to time.

Good appetite! 😉

Naut crispy recipe 2021

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