Ngai Sing (or Collin Chou) says that he admires director Benny Chan for his enterprising spirit, “Director Benny Chan is very bold, he dares experiment something he has never done before, I take my hats off to him for that. I also admire his talents, no matter what subject he’s filming, it’s as if he’s telling the ups and downs of one’s life.

 “For instance, my character Zhang Da Chu, the changes in his life, being deserted by his wife right from the outset, he shows no feelings to anyone, yet, he yearns for affection. So, he becomes an extremist after gaining superpowers, becoming very frightening, but deep down in his heart, he’s longing to be loved like never before.”

 He goes on to speak of the challenges of choreographing the action, “There are plenty of fresh ideas introduced in the action. This is my first ever Chinese sci-fi film, there’re some touches of science fiction, and some mutations. Can you imagine, my fight with Donnie Yen in Flash Point was already so compelling, not to mention as a mutant.

“But it’s not easy to handle it, for it would be too cartoony if we overdo it. So, we incorporated Chinese kungfu and spirit here. The action choreographers Ma Yu Sing and Nicky Li combine many different ideas and techniques not used before.

 “This character gives us a boost, being a mutant, many stuffs are different from what I’ve done in the past, such as my encounter with Wu Jing, how would a normal person fight a mutant? For fights between two normal persons, they can clash physically, but when we factor in mutation, the difficulty level is increased. If our exchange was not done properly, it would look out of place on the screen.”

And having went to drama academy, Ngai Sing has an edge in acting, “And being trained professionally in acting, I’m able to play the role of a mutant well, I’m able to blend my operatic and academic performances together. That’s why when they’re designing this character, they would think of me. I’m changing subtly in each era. As a professional actor with long term goals, I’ve been staying in US for so long, why would they invite me back? So, you ought to let the director or producer be aware that, in different era, you can perform differently.”

 Ngai Sing goes on to praise his co-stars like Aaron Kwok for having come a long way from being an idol, a trying process indeed. He also thinks favourably of Zhang Jing Chu and Wu Jing despite not having worked with them for extended time on the set, “I have very little scenes with Zhang Jing Chu and Wu Jing – only one actually – but in that one scene, they left me with very deep impressions.

Zhang Jing Chu isn’t a martial artist, but she’s very diligent on the set, and very earnest, she would often keep rehearsing and practising just that one single move. I have long heard of Wu Jing when I was in Hollywood, they said that he would represent the new generation of martial arts stars. After seeing Wu Jing, I concur with this forecast, Wu Jing will have even bigger room for development in the future.”

On his next work, Ngai Sing says, “Right now, I’m doing a new film (Painted Wall?) by director Gordon Chan in Huairou, you’ll see a completely different Ngai Sing, it’s a role I’ve never done before. But I can’t divulge more right now.”  New Youth, Sina

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