No abdominal cramps during fasting

No abdominal cramps during fasting

Whether you are fasting or just want to take a detox with the arrival of spring, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important piece of advice we ask you to follow strictly: do not starve.

Don't overdo it with bread, pasta and potatoes! And you are tempted, during Lent, to adopt a predominantly carbohydrate diet (rich in potatoes, bread, rice, pasta)? In order not to "benefit" from a few extra pounds, we advise you to focus on vegetables, raw or cooked, and fruits, to the detriment of flour or sweets.

Replace meat with mushrooms! Are you part of the "carnivores" category and are you convinced that you can't function if you don't eat meat products every day? And if you were to give up even for a day, would you end up complaining of dizziness and lack of energy? Specialists recommend a sufficient intake of water, doubled by vegetable proteins, and guarantee that you will get to your feet quickly. Meat products that contain a lot of protein can be replaced during the fasting period with vegetable proteins (the richest being mushrooms), and on days with release they use seafood and fish.

Don't overdo it with soy products! Try not to eat the same products every day just because "the supply of plant products nutritious enough is not very large." The solution is simple – some would say, harmful – say the specialists. In the long run, convenience will affect your health. There are many products that can be consumed either separately or in combination. Here are some examples: sauerkraut with tomatoes, green bean food (or boiled with garlic, salt, vinegar, dill, oil), grilled mushrooms, mushroom food (with tomatoes, dill), spinach, roasted peppers, vegetable soups or cream soups, various dishes with lentils or beans or pumpkin dishes.

What do you do to have (in) digestion on your little finger

For the digestive process to be good, we recommend that you take a Digex Forte capsule during a meal or after a meal. DIGEX FORTE contains a complex mixture of 9 digestive enzymes (amylase, lipase, protease, glucoamylase, alpha-galactosidase, lactase, cellulase, invertase, bromelain) in amounts 3 times higher than any other product, plus dry extract of beef ball that helps digest fats and ginger extract, which helps the body cope with overload caused by heavy meals or poor nutrition.

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