Opinions and review about Heinner HCM-d915 digital coffee maker


Robust format, with control panel at the top.

Integrated timer for advance setting of the infusion moment.

Reusable filter, easy to maintain.

System that prevents dripping when removing the carafe.

Tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters and volume indicator.

Includes automatic shutdown function, for saving power and safety in use.



For those who hope to use the coffee maker as a kitchen clock, the news is not what is expected because, in this case, the display closes when the appliance shuts down. The walls of the glass carafe are not graded, which means you have to guess when enough liquid has accumulated to fill a cup or mug.



It is a suitable version for those who prefer the rectangular design and the robust and modern look it creates. It includes stainless steel elements, and the display and buttons, which allow the management of functions, are located in the upper part of the device, a more comfortable and accessible position for tall people.

Opinions and review about Heinner HCM-d915 digital coffee maker

If you are concerned about the time you waste daily with routine tasks, you will be glad to know that this model allows you to schedule coffee preparation the day before. So you get off to a fast start to the new day, with little delay, and full of energy. In addition, the aroma of fresh coffee will help you wake up easier.

Although you can also use disposable filters in this case, if you consider it necessary, the model is designed to work with the permanent version, which can be reused. The washable filter is easy to remove and mount and can be quickly washed in the sink, being ready in a few seconds for the next production of hot and fragrant coffee.

Do you keep clean and hate coffee stains? No worries. In addition to the additional functions, the Heinner coffee maker also includes basic elements such as the anti-drip system. Its role is to allow you to take out the carafe to serve you coffee, even while the appliance is still infusing, without the drops falling over the free support.

The model is among the versions of medium capacity coffee makers (here our comparative list) which recommends it both for individual use and for homes with many consumers of coffee or office space. The tank and carafe provide a volume of approximately 1.5 liters of liquid, which you can rely on when organizing parties or meetings, to serve up to 10 to 12 servings for a single use.

Because most of the time when you consume coffee, your thoughts are on the projects you are working on or you are still tired from sleep, the device is provided with automatic shutdown. Thus, the coffee maker closes itself 40 minutes after use, saving energy, preventing any accidents that may occur by overheating and eliminating an extra gesture from the list of things you need to take care of.


Conclusion :

Heinner HCM-d915 is a version with a rectangular design, which combines black plastic and stainless steel metal finish for a modern and durable exterior. It belongs to the category of models that work by drip and are made to provide, for a single use, several portions of aromatic and hot coffee.



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