other ways to cook stew beef recipe

The other day my large and nice family :)) decided that "today we want pork steak". And because I had some homemade sausages in the freezer (made by my mother, like at my mother's house :))) I said to make a tochitura, like in our country in Moldova

other ways to cook stew beef recipe

* pork (neck, pulp)
* pork sausages
* 1 glass of white wine
* salt and pepper

Cut the meat into small pieces, salt and pepper to taste and fry in a few tablespoons of oil.

When the meat starts to brown, add the wine and fry for about 10 minutes, to form the sauce and even out the taste. When the wine is added, a few pieces of liver can be added.

All good and beautiful, but before we sat down at the table we had to wipe it from home. :)) And when we returned the food was already cold. So I put a layer of polenta in a heat-resistant dish greased with butter, then the meat and sausages cut into cubes.

other ways to cook stew beef recipe

I covered it with another layer of polenta and sprinkled it with cheese mixed with telemea. I put it in the oven until the cheese layer melted and browned slightly.

Very good. :))

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