panasonic sd-zb2512kxe price and review

Benefits of panasonic sd-zb2512kxe:

It offers you a multitude of different programs, for all kinds of goodies.

It has a special dispenser of ingredients, which allows the addition of yeast, raisins, nuts, cereals, etc., exactly when needed.

It gives you the opportunity to opt for different degrees of browning and bread size.

It has a timer function, for dishes that require such settings or to program the start.

Includes a number of accessories that will be very useful.


It has quite large dimensions, which is why you will have to find a fixed place to keep it, so as not to confuse you and not to have to always move it. We say this because the dimensions are 38.2 x 25.6 x 38.9 cm and weigh about 7.6 kg.



Thisbread baking machineis one that offers you the opportunity to make a lot of types of bread (white, with raisins, peasant house, whole wheat, with olives, Italian, for senvisis, gluten free, rye and spelled, lettuce with lemon and poppy seeds, rice with lettuce, pine seeds and fried onions), but also other goodies such as: Italian cake, tart dough, pizza dough, jam, compote or muffins. In total you will have over 30 possibilities.

panasonic sd-zb2512kxe price and review

This device is equipped with a device that allows you to add certain ingredients during operation, which will help you get the perfect dishes. By inserting the necessary ones in the respective hole, everything will mix very well, so that you get the desired results. You will find this dispenser under the main lid and it can be easily operated.

To get the right bread for you, you can opt for various degrees of browning, to get a lighter, medium or darker crust. For this you will have a special button. At the same time, also by pressing a key you can select the desired bread size. You have three possibilities: XL and M (400 g). Depending on these, you will also introduce the necessary amount of ingredients.

Another advantage is the timer. There are certain programs that allow you to set the baking / cooking time, as happens with 17, 18, 32 and 33. Also, with the help of this function you can give the machine the command to start when you want, to be ready bread at a certain time. Thus, you can, for example, come home from work and smell the whole house of hot bread.

Bread machines also come with a number of useful accessories for using such a device.

In this case, you will have included two cups for the dough, which will help you dose the liquids needed to prepare various recipes, a measuring spoon with two ends, one of 5 ml and another of 15 ml that will be useful when introducing sugar. , salt, yeast, etc. (they also have markings for even smaller quantities, if needed) and a teaspoon useful for measuring yeast.

Conclusion after panasonic sd-zb2512kxe review:

If you want to make simple and fast bread, juggling with a lot of ingredients, quantities, degrees of browning, this machine can be of real use to you. It is simple to use and comes with accessories useful in dosing the necessary ingredients, which are graded to measure as accurately as possible.


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