panna cotta tart with jelly


panna cotta tart with jelly
panna cotta tart with jelly
panna cotta tart with jelly
Panna cotta is an Italian dessert, quick and very easy to make. It is a dessert with a soft, creamy, silky consistency, with a delicate taste of coconut and sour cream. Refined and with an elegant look, panna cotta can be made in many variants. With the aroma of coffee, vanilla, rum, coconut, it can be served with fruit, chocolate, caramel …
Because I always loved tarts, I chose to combine the simplicity and creaminess of the cream with the crunchy biscuit crust of the tart. After the crust was baked and cooled, I coated it in chocolate, a kind of “sealing” between the layer of biscuits and cream. This way the crust does not get wet and does not soften from the cream.
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panna cotta tart with jelly
panna cotta tart with jelly


panna cotta tart with jelly



For the 18 cm tray tart:
75 gr cold 82% cold butter from the fridge
1 tablespoon white sugar
1 small pinch of salt
150 gr flour
1-2 tablespoons cold water
For Panna Cotta cream:
200 ml whipped cream
400 ml coconut vegetable drink
60 gr white sugar have 2 tablespoons of honey
1 sachet of gelatin granules
50 ml of cold water
50 gr dark chocolate
50 gr coconut flakes
Fruit compote for serving
Raspberries for decoration
For the tart: the fastest and easiest option is for the food processor. Put flour, diced butter, salt and sugar in the bowl of the robot. Mix everything for a few seconds, until we get some crumbs. Put the egg, turn on the robot again and mix until the dough comes off the walls of the bowl and a dough is formed. If this does not happen, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of cold water. Collect the dough in a ball, wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
Powder the work table with a little flour, put the dough and spread it on a thin sheet of 0.5 cm. Roll the sheet on a rolling pin and place it over the tart form. Press with your fingers on the bottom of the tray and then on the edges. The excess is cut with a knife. The tart crust will bake “blind”. For this we need some special baking balls or dried beans or rice. I use dried beans, store them in a box, then reuse them. Prick the dough with a fork   put a sheet of baking paper over the dough, put the balls / beans, put the tray in the oven heated to 170 degrees for 20 minutes. Remove the baking paper with the beans and bake the crust for another 15-20 minutes, until it becomes slightly golden. Allow to cool completely.
panna cotta tart with jelly


panna cotta tart with jelly
For Panna Cotta: put cream for whipped cream, milk and sugar in a saucepan. Put it on the fire and leave it until the sugar melts and almost boils. Separately, in a bowl put finely chopped chocolate and 100 ml of hot mixture. Leave for 2-3 minutes then mix with a spoon until the chocolate has completely melted.   Put 50 ml of cold water and gelatin in a cup. Leave the gelatin to hydrate for 5-8 minutes. Add hydrated gelatin over the remaining hot liquid. Stir until the gelatin has dissolved. Set aside until the composition becomes warm.
After the tart crust has cooled, line the whole interior with melted chocolate. Optionally it can be spread with chocolate on the outside as well… Coconut flakes are placed over the chocolate. Refrigerate until the chocolate hardens.
panna cotta tart with jelly


panna cotta tart with jelly
If you are in a hurry you can put it in the freezer… The next step is to put the cream in the tart. Fill halfway, refrigerate and top with the remaining cream. I didn’t fit all the cream in the tart, so I put the rest of the cream in 2 small forms, which I greased before with a little coconut oil. Refrigerate for 3 hours or until the next day.
The tart is decorated with coconut flakes and raspberries.
To remove the Panna Cotta from the molds, it is good to immerse the plastic molds in hot water. A few seconds are enough. Panna Cotta will easily come out of plastic molds. Serve the dessert with your favorite fruits. May it be useful to you !!!


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