parmesan baskets fillings

Recipe Parmesan baskets

parmesan baskets fillings

parmesan baskets fillings



  • Ingredients:

    “>100 g parmesan

Preparation Parmesan baskets:

We grind the Parmesan cheese on the robot. Or it can be applied on a small-mesh grater for a finer texture.

parmesan baskets fillings

The pan in which we will melt the Parmesan cheese is greased with very little olive oil and heated over low heat. Sprinkle a layer of grated Parmesan cheese and let it melt and begin to bubble from place to place.

parmesan baskets fillings

We take a bowl, we put it in the middle of the Parmesan cheese and with a firm movement we turn it over the bottom of the bowl. It is shaped according to preference.

parmesan baskets fillings

Leave to cool, then carefully remove the bowl.

They are used to serve various appetizers.

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